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At the beginning of the project, we were planning to design an initial questionnaire, and our mentor reminded us to go through the Ethics Committee review. But we didn't have any idea, so we decided to explore ethical issues. The following is what we learn and reflect on.


In order to facilitate professionals to query virus crRNA for virus detection, we constructed a virus database to store virus crRNA information. The sequences of four LwaCas13a, PsmCas13a, LbaCas13a and CcaCas13a proteins and spacer sequences of several viruses are stored in the database. Users can select the corresponding Cas13 protein and input the virus they want to query, and the database will automatically synthesize the corresponding crRNA. With the continuous expansion of the application scope of Crisp Cas13 detection technology, we believe that in the future, this detection technology can not only detect viruses, but also be applied to the detection of other pathogens. Therefore, we added some spacer sequences of pathogenic bacteria to the database. In addition, we have set up a mailbox in the virus database. Users can contact us through the mailbox if they encounter problems or are willing to provide spacer sequences of other viruses. We will update the database in real time according to the suggestions.
Virus database related code, our partner SJTU has been put into GitHub. If you want to know more, please click >>Viralibrary<<

Figure 1. Viralibrary

Wechat Applet

In order to be able to realize the interaction between users and detection results, we propose to build a Wechat Applet to store the basic information of a variety of viruses, so that users can query viruses and obtain relevant suggestions. In addition, we also introduced the principle of our virus detection device, so that users can further understand how our detection is performed.
Our Wechat Applet is divided into four sections. The home page is an introduction and some explanations of our team and products. The second part is the query of virus information. Search in this section can get the virus damage degree, nucleic acid type, virus structure, incubation period, transmission method, treatment suggestion and other related information. Regarding the search method, we use a two-way search: enter the virus names can get the information and suggestions of it; search for the symptoms to get the related virus. The third piece is the information survey of the user's health, mainly to know whether the user is diagnosed with Corona Virus Disease 2019. The last piece is the content of the contact feedback, to investigate some thoughts and suggestions after using our Wechat Applet.