Team:ZJUT China B/Team






Xiaojie Zhou

I'm Xiaojie Zhou, the team leader and a member of the wet group as well.I'm new to iGEM,there are quantities of things that I'm not familiar with,so I have to try my best to lead the team.I encountered lots of setbacks, suffered from pressures, mis-understandings and sometimes frustration.But I do learned a lot from it.These setbacks shaped a better me,and a better team.

Runlin Hou

My name is Runlin Hou,I like to learn new skills and gain a sense of accomplishment in the process of working.I am mainly responsible for wiki code and I am the art designer.For science, I always keep a passion for exploration, not only for biology, but also for thinking and reaching conclusions that I can understand even when faced with problems in other disciplines.

Wang Lu

I am Wang Lu, a member of the HP team of iGEM project in Zhejiang University of technology.Iam also interested in social research and communication between people. Hope to make contribution to our team with our own efforts

Mengying Wang

I'm Mengying Wang ,a student from bioengineering,Zhejiang University of Technology.I am mainly responsible for the work of making wiki and help wet group do some experiment at the same time.The work is hard but really help me a lot.

Yuzhi Wang

I'm Yuzhi Wang,a student from Zhejiang University of Technology. I'm a member of the wet group.I hope I can learn more professional knowledge through iGEM.

Xiaoqi Wang

I’m Xiaoqi Wang major in bioengineering. As a freshman in the team it’s difficult for me to understand some expertiseknowledge, but I’ll seize this opportunity to explore the mystery of syntheticbiology.

Yuanying Wang

My name is Yuanying Wang,a student from Zhejiang University of Technology.It’s my first time to join iGEM ,so everything is new to me,as a member of wet group as well as HP group,I'll try my best to do my job well and learn more professional knowledge,hope our team can get a good result at the end of competition.

Rong Qian

My name is Rong Qian, a member of wetlab and HP group. In the process of preparing for the competition, I encountered many problems and solved them one by one with my dear team members. I like the team that keeps moving toward the same goal, and I enjoy the process of slowly gaining many different abilities. I believe we can achieve a very good result.

Chaonan Fang

My name is Chaonan Fang. I am a member of the WET and HP group of 2020 ZJUT-iGEM. In this IGEM competition, My team members and I carried out experiments, research and various activities together, which benefited me a lot. At the same time, I also hope that I can create value for the team.

Ziyan Huang

I'm Ziyan Huang,a sophomore from the ZJUT.I am a member of iGEM wet group and HP group.I hope I can do my best to contribute to the team.

Xinzhi Zhou

I'm a student learning bioengineering and named Xinzhi Zhou with great power. As a member of the wet group as well as participating in human practice,I do everything the best of my ability.Enjoying every moment, even difficult ones.

Cihui Lin

I'm Cihui Lin,the leader of the Human Practice group.As a newcomer to iGEM,I really abandon myself to doing meaningful work to make our program different and exercise various abilities at the same time.It's a big stage for all of us and I will enjoy the process with my teammates.

Jiangxiaojie Zhang

I'm Jiangxiaojie Zhang . I am mainly responsible for assisting the management team. Well,I am also a member of the HP group and the wet group, mainly responsible for the design of the probe part and the testing model experiment. This year is also my second year of participating in iGEM, and I hope everyone can get to the next level.

Fan Yi

I am Fanyi from Zhejiang University of Technology. This is my second time to participate in iGEM.I am the leader of the dry group, mainly responsible for mathematical modeling and device design and production.I firmly believe that no matter what difficulties we encounter, we can overcome them! We will get better!

Xuran Zhao

I'm Xuran Zhao. This is my second time to join iGEM. I' m mainly responsible for three sections including device design, HP work and language aspect. This year is destined to be an extraordinary year, and we are destined to work harder this year. But with hardwork, cohesion and great faith, I believe all the obstacles will be cleared, and the victory will arrive.

Xinwei Wang

My name is Xinwei Wang and I'm one of the members of Dry Group. I take the responsibility for mathematical modeling in our team and this is my second time to join iGEM. Although I joined it later, I learned a lot of knowledge and made many new friends. I sincerely hope that we can work hard together in the final stage.

Chen He

My name is Chen He.This is my first time to join iGEM.I'm one of the members of Dry Group.This competition I am mainly responsible for the establishment of 3D models.By participating in this competition, I want to learn some English skills, develop my team sense and personal responsibility, I will do my best to contribute to the team