Team:ZJUT China B/HP-Silver


In order to promote the development of synthetic biology and iGEM and to introduce our program to the public this year, our team organized and participated in many activities. Our project this year is to design portable multi-virus detection devices, which means that we should contact various activities as much as possible to understand the needs of the masses. At the same time, we must also strengthen exchanges with the academic community to guide our project to proceed normally.

Online questionnaire survey(June 3th-10th)


    The online questionnaire survey is our first public activity this year. Due to the impact of the Novel coronavirus pneumonia, we mainly use online questionnaires to understand everyone's acceptance of portable test boxes and their performance requirements. As the Internet is not limited by time and space, it has expanded the scope of our research. Our objects involve 648 questionnaires in 16 provinces in China.


Summer social practice activities(July 6th)

Summer social practice activity is an annual activity in our school ,which is an important way for students to understand society. This year, our team participated in the summer social practice activities organized by the school to promote the knowledge of synthetic biology and the preliminary ideas of our project to students and teachers from different majors. The teacher gave high recognition to our project and provided suggestions for us to conduct social research during the epidemic.

Eastern China iGEM Meetup (July 11th)

Eastern China iGEM Meetup is an exchange event for iGEM teams in East China. This year, in order to better propagandize our project and strengthen communication with other teams, we participated in the 2020 Eastern China iGEM Meetup. We shared and exchanged projects with 24 iGEM teams in China, introduced our projects to them, and received some suggestions from the participating teachers, which played a very important role in the development of our projects.

Three virus detection teams meeting(July 19th)

In order to strengthen the exchanges and cooperation between Zhejiang University of Technology, Northeastern University, and East China University of Science and Technology on virus detection projects, we organized online seminars.During the meeting, We introduced each project in turn and made suggestions, analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of each project in virus detection, and explored how to carry out our projects during the epidemic.

Visit BIOER biotechnology company(August 4th)

Bori Technology is a world-renowned PCR industry base and has in-depth research on virus detection. We are honored to be able to contact Bori Technology Co., Ltd., and obtain permission to visit the company on site. Our team showed this year's project to the company, conducted in-depth interviews with the company's technical director, marketing manager and general manager, and obtained suggestions on the significance of the project, virus detection market, equipment and HP.

Communication with GenScript(July 21th-August 2nd)

In order to ensure the rationality and economy of our probe design, we through the e-mail get in touch with GenScript Biotechnology Co., Ltd. from July 21st to August 2nd, to communicate the content of the project and related problems such as the design of the fluorescent probes. The design and other issues were finally resolved with the help of the company, and our probe was confirmed.

the 7th Conference China iGEMer Community(August 28th to 31th)

We participated in the iGEMer exchange conference in China. In this four-day conference, many well-known scholars held online lectures, which is a rare opportunity to learn about synthetic biology and related fields. By showing our project in such an event, we got higher-level project feedback, such as opinions about mathematical modeling, human practices,science communication, video shooting, etc.

"virus Police-From scouting to arresting" Seminar(September 6th)


   We were invited by SMMU to participate in the Sixth School of Virus Police Symposium. We discussed our views on COVID-19 testing and treatment, and discussed their respective projects. We raised questions about the devices of other universities and suggested to all inspection teams that biohazardous waste treatment companies can be used as a direction for sample processing.

The laboratory tour for children(October 10th)

Synthetic biology has broad prospects. Our team has been paying attention to and thinking about how to pass on knowledge and train the next generation of scientists. We carried out an online laboratory tour activity. We led the children of Grade 6 in Dazhou, Sichuan to visit our laboratory online and showed some basic experimental procedures. Through wonderful demonstrations and editing, we brought them closer to the scientific distance. We also mailed small notebooks and pens to the students to express our best wishes.