Team:ZJUT China B/Attributions


This is a special year.Due to COVID-19, all iGEM teams around the world are facing unprecedented challenges, and we are no exception.From pre-competition training, project selection, online meetings, the dilemma of not being able to participate iGEM, and finally being able to carry out experiments, we have encountered the most difficult year in history. Everyone is under physical and mental pressure, carrying out the experiment anxiously while comforting teammates to relax.In this battle, we have received a lot of constructive suggestions and assistance from teachers, friends, older students and so on.Meanwhile, each member of the team has made a great contribution to the project.Here, we appreciate everyone who contributes to the project.we try to list all the people who have helped us. No matter how big the help is, we should give them our most sincere thanks.

Contribution of each part

After iGEM Mentorship Program

Asal Golshaie: We got to know Asal through a mentorship program (After iGEM Mentorship Program). As our mentor, she has helped us solve a lot of problems throughout the season, safety form, promotion video, experiments, ethics, team title and abstract, wiki editing etc. At the last moment, Asal also helped us fix some errors in our wiki and poster. Most of all, she always encourages us not to worry, she always helps us to find solutions when we are in trouble. When we were too busy to find her, she came to us to ask if we were in trouble.

Dorothy Zhang: She guided our HP at the CCiC meeting and participated in the meet up held by Jiangnan University. In addition, she indirectly provided us with a lot of information through Asal.

Michael Taylor: Michael gave us a lot of advice on wiki(hardware and model), and gave us a lot of confidence.

iGEM2019 team members

Xinda Wang is the team leader for 2019 ZJUT-China, mainly doing human practice work last year. At the beginning of our team's establishment, when we didn't know anything, Xinda Wang gave us a lot of suggestions on how to better arrange the project schedule, what should be paid attention to in the process of doing the project, and how to manage the team. She also gave us a preliminary understanding of the whole process of iGEM and some things that need to be done, as well as a lot of human practice suggestions.

Yuemin Li:
Yuemin Li is the leader of the wet lab of 2019 ZJUT-China. She gave us a lot of experimental guidance, including experimental operation specifications, experimental precautions, experimental safety, etc. She taught us to construct parts and learn to use the resources on the iGEM website. In addition, she also gave us a lot of spiritual comfort and company. She also helped us to make presentation videos, add subtitles and dubbing together, and stay up late till dawn with us.

Yu Zheng:
Yu Zheng is mainly responsible for wiki, He gave us a lot of advice and guidance on page layout, design, code upload and learning how to edit wiki. Because we have never been in contact with wiki designing before, we need to learn from scratch. Zheng Yu's guidance has made us less detours which is the basis for us to finish the wiki as our expetation.

Yu Weng :
Yu Weng was mainly responsible for material purchase and fund management. Since we didn't have any experience at the beginning. We didn't know how to purchase materials and manage funds and even didn't know which materials we needed to buy. It was Weng Yu's patient guidance that enabled us to quickly get familiar with these matters.


Changqing Luo:
Master Changqing is my former roommate. He is one of the students in our college who has a better understanding of basic circuits. I asked him many questions about the construction of the photosensitive amplifier circuit. He was very enthusiastic and helped us make this circuit. Because we don't know how strong the actual fluorescence is, many adjustments were made on the final device. We are very grateful to him because he has made a great contribution to the installation. ——Yi Fan

Weiyu Xie :
Weiyu Xie helped us with premiere to edit our presentation video and helped us add subtitles to the video. Even though it was already very late at that time, she stayed with us until the work was done.

Wenchen Zhang:
Wenchen Zhang joined us when we met great problems of wiki. He is patient and professional. His joining and advice really brought us a lot of help.

Yujie Liu:
Yujie Liu joined the team as an honorary member. Mainly responsible for the project human practice group’s work which includes participating in the discussion and design of promotional video, designing questionnaires for research and connecting with business to promote research. In the meantime, she also carried out academic exchanges with the students in the team, self-learning of molecular biology related knowledge.

Zhengyan Zhu:
He helped us dub in the cloud classroom, and his melodious voice was highly praised by the children.

Senior students

Chaonan Yuan,Xinyu Wan,Jiawei Yu,Wenye Hu,Jidong Shen,Wenhao Wang,Bo Li,Hangqin Zhu,Peng Liu,jian Liu,Liquan Zhu,Xingying Shen,Ying Chen,Lili Fu,Jumou Li,Yicheng Xu and Hongmei Nie provided us with great help in experiments. They taught us how to operate experiments, lent us experimental materials, and helped us analyze the reasons when our experiments failed.They guided our experiments and helped us a lot. Weikang Meng provided guidance for the design of our reactor, especially the driving force of the microfluidic chip: the syringe.

Contributions of teachers in the project


Xiaoling Tang
Mainly responsible for the project docking and impact of the experiment and our presentation, as well as the supervision and promotion of the whole project. She also provided guidance for our presentation video and introduction, and helped us prepare presentation questions during Virtual Giant Jamboree.

Feng Cheng
Mainly responsible for experimental technology, modeling guidance, as well as human practice guidance.

Second PI:

Xin Jin
Mainly responsible for the pre-project team restrisgration and full responsibility for the provision and reimbursement of finacial funds, managing team members' participation schedule.

Xiaofei Song
Mainly responsible for the reimbursement of the team, help us to apply for accommodation in Chaohui campus, and help us carry out post competition publicity after the results come out.


Yuanshan Wang, Dongchang Sun, Jingyan Ge, Jun Li, Kongliang Xu
These teachers have trained us on laboratory safety rules, technical guidance on design routes, reliable website resource sharing and method teaching for literature consulting, teaching about the use of electronic software for experimental design, and full support for our daily experimental progress activities. At the last critical moment, Mr. Wang helped us to contact and borrow the fluorescence plate reader, and also helped us contact the Environmental Protection Institution, which solved a lot of difficulties for us, and gave us great encouragement in the final sprint stage. Mr. Ge explained the principle of fluorescent probe to us from the beginning, then borrowed our 96 well plate and 384 well plate, and finally helped us to solve the analysis problems on the experimental data, which was of great help to us.

Team members

Yi Fan:
Mainly responsible for mathematical modeling , 3D modeling , device designing and producting, and wiki, and often go to the laboratory to help analyze experimental data . I feel very full every day. Although there are many problems on the way forward, I firmly believe that these difficulties will be solved one by one.

Mengying Wang:
Mainly responsible for wiki. I'm responsible for the design and make wiki. Sometimes I help other members do some experiments. I've never contacted anyone about making wiki before, so it's a big challenge for me. But I'm glad that I've learned a lot for so long.

Runlin Hou:
Mainly responsible for Wiki and poster production. The main job is to change the code, edit the picture. Occasionally help with some research and sponsorship tasks. Compared with the laboratory, it does not involve much academic content, but it also requires an in-depth understanding of the project, reasonable calculation and arrangement of workload and completion of the work.

Xinwei Wang:
Mainly responsible for the mathematical modeling. By referring to literature, the enzyme principle of Cas13 was clarified, and the experimental data were combined to establish a dynamic model to simulate the experimental results. At the same time I also helped look up for the full sequences of the pathogen database.

Chen He:
Mainly responsible for uploading web code and materials, editing images and videos, assist in the production of the 3D model of the device etc.

Xuran Zhao:
Mainly responsible for three sections including device design, HP work and language aspect. Device design mainly refers to reactor design. HP work mainly includes questionnaire design and campus talk. As for language aspect, sometimes I'm responsible for translation, dubbing or document editing.

Xiaojie Zhou:
Mainly responsible for the overall management of the team, the arrangement and distribution of tasks. In the wet group, I'm responsible for detection experiment and part construction, and helped protein expression experiments. I participated in the script design, shooting and post editing of promotion video and presentation video. I also participated in the work of HP such as BIOER's offline survey, questionnaire design etc. I feeled fullfilled everyday, and learned a lot from the whole process.

Ziyan Huang:
Mainly responsible for cloning His + Sumo tag fragment into CCA plasmid vector by one-step cloning method to facilitate the expression and purification of CCA protein. At the same time, I also responsible for the construction of pathogen database.

Xiaoqi Wang:
Mainly responsible for sample processing to broaden the RNA signal which can be detected by Cas 13 protein. Also, I participated in the CCIC and finished the postersession with excellent teammates.

Chaonan Fang:
Mainly responsible for sample processing and RNA signal broadening. At the same time, I was also responsible for the freshmen education, HP research planning and questionnaire design, etc. I also shot the video of CCIC with team member, which is a very happy memory.

Qian Rong:
Mainly responsible for the expression and purification of Cas13a protein. At the same time, as a member of HP group, I also participated in part of the questionnaire writing and offline research activities, and sorted out our small program design. In addition, I was also responsible for the material purchase and fund management of the team.

Yuanying Wang:
Mainly responsible for the expression and purification of Cas13a protein. At the same time, I was a member of HP, mainly responsible for questionnaire research, social research, copywriting and other work.

Xinzhi Zhou:
Mainly responsible for protein lyophilization and detection experiments. At the same time, I was also responsible for social research, cloud classroom production, copywriting and questionnaire design as a member of HP. And I also participated in the poster presentation of CCiC with excellent team members.

Cihui Lin:
Mainly responsible for the development of Human Practices group work. At the beginning , I gave a preliminary idea about the main purpose of our project. Then, I led and participated in HP's work, including video shooting, questionnaire designing, contacting with the company, interviewing and so on. I hope I can try my best to lead the HP’s work to perfect step by step.

Wang Lu:
Wang Lu is a member of HP group. She designed the uniform, and she also manages the official account of the team and the management of bilibili.

Yuzhi Wang:
As the leader of the Wet lab group, I’m responsible for all parts of the experiment. After breaking down the whole project into individual units, I let different members in charge of different units which made the team more effective. Being a member of iGEM is like participating in a treasure hunt, it’s tired but totally worth it. Many times we were trapped in endless experiments just to get a satisfied results and I hope that the data of Wet lab group can be accurate.

Jiangxiaojie Zhang:
Jiangxiaojie Zhang is a member of HP and Wet group. Mainly responsible for assisting the management and unity of the team, improving the team's understanding of HP, contacting the company, questionnaire production and guidance, education guidance, minigames, and subtitle production. He also conducted lyophilization and partial protein detection experiments, designed fluorescent probes with the company, and participated in the design of crRNA.


In order to get cutting-edge market information and sponsorship, HP group did in-depth market research.We visited the BIOER company and interviewed technical director, marketing manager and general manager. Fortunately, we got a lot of advice in the device design, experiment and the human practice job .The GenScript company has played an important role in the design and the use of our probes. We also have reached an agreement with the company that we will have in-depth communication with the company at different stages in the following project.The RadoBio company provided us with financial assistance and the SnapGene company provided us with software.

GenScript gave us a lot of constructive advice on fluorescent probe design and gave us material purchase discount. The company gave us an interview and arranged for senior professors to answer our questions, which helped us design and clarify the detection experiment.

Here, we sincerely appreciate your help, whether it is teachers, students, senior students or our team members, it is your common strength that helped with the successful completion of the project. Every content of the project has witnessed your contribution and help. Originally this year was the most difficult year, but because of you, ZJUT China B was able to overcome all the difficulties, and became better in the process of continuous. We will always remember this special experience and the wonderful and unforgettable time we spent with you.

And lastly, thank you!