Welcome to iGEM 2020!

Team Ashesi:Ghana is a vibrant team of synthetic biology enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds spanning four fields of engineering, biochemistry, graphic design, and computer science. As one of two sub-saharan African teams, we are here to contribute to the growing synthetic biology discourse in Africa, and to revive true eco-balance to our coastlines. We are a team looking to restore the harmony between the sea and the coastline in Ghana. With a brawl dating back centuries, these two entities have been butting heads especially with a rise in the levels of plastic pollution along coastal areas in Ghana. Our goal is to engineer a sea defense system that protects villages along the coastline of Ghana, and this will be done by injecting life into concrete in order to create living tetrapods. Our solution is an engineered bioluminescent bacterium that has the ability both to degrade plastic and to induce biocementation.