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Before we started our program, we discussed the practicability of our programs with GZ_HFI, because both teams want to do programs that are related to intestinal bacteria. We conversed about our general design of experiments, and after realizing that we have a totally different social network (because we are in Shenzhen and they are in Guangzhou), we decided to spread questionnaires for each other. The collabration leads to a good result: after they re-tweet our questionnaires, the data we received have doubled.


Members of GZ_HFI talking to us.



2019 GreatBay_SCIE

To test the efficiency of photoswitches, we gained the plasmid that expresses GFP under T7 promoter’s regulation from the 2019 iGEM team GreatBay_SCIE. The collaboration helps speeding up our experiments’ progress.



2020 Shanghai_SFLS_SPBS

In order to gain a more suitable version of HpaBC that can reside within E.coli, We got the plasmid expressing codon-optimized HpaBC from the 2020 iGEM team Shanghai_SFLS_SPBS. The collaboration enables us to find a more efficient enzyme for Tyrosine to Levodopa conversion, and it has thus optimized our product.



7th CCiC

We attended the 7th CCiC. This event gave us experiences of making presentation, and the questions asked by the audiences helped us develop and improve our project better in the rest of these several months. For example, we devised the experiment of testing the photoswiches’ efficiency through reporter gene GFP under their inspiration. Besides, listening to other iGEMers description of their programs, we gained a brand-new insight of how to devise and conduct experiments with creativity and with efficiency.


Group photo on the openning of the 7th CCIC.



2020 GreatBay_SCIE

We collaborated with GreatBay_SCIE about SDS-PAGE. The members of GreatBay_SCIE taught Tianzuo Zeng, one of our members, how to do SDS-PAGE through which we successfully demonstrated the existence of HpaBC. The collaboration, permitting us to test the enzyme produce, render our program more convincing and justifiable.


Greatbay_SCIE member is teaching Tianzuo Zeng how to do SDS-PAGE



2020 SZU_China

We collaborated with SZU_China to make a lecture in SMS for the new 10th graders. On the lecture, we introduced iGEM and synthetic biology to the students and successfully aroused their interest to join the iGEM community. The elaboration of this event is in our pages for Public Engagement in Human Practices. The collaboration between Shenzhen university and Shenzhen middle school help promote iGEMers’ community in Shenzhen.



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