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Optimization of sequence


HpaBC naturally exists in E. coli, and the parts of HpaBC in iGEM data base are derived from E. Coli. To improve our levodopa yielding, we do some modification on HpaBC sequence to optimize it. This increase the translation of HpaB. Compared with the wild type, our optimized HpaBC has an obvious boost in producing rate and transferring ratio.



Develop new methods in measuring levodopa concentration


In 2015, Manchester-Graz measured their levodopa yielding by performing HPLC, and the method is complicated and time-consuming. We brought, in our program, a new method to iGEM, which uses a simple colorization to determine the concentration. This processes is convenient and easy-to-convey, which may largely benefit those who would like to measure the amount of diphenol substances produced in their experiment.



Measure enzyme efficiency of HpaBC


We measured levodopa yielding in our experiment and constructed a fine mathematical model for it. Through the model, we derived detailed data of HpaBC efficiency. This may provide teams that would like to utilize HpaBC to yield levodopa with valuable information.



Measure efficiency of photoswitches controlling expression


In the past, people intended measure photoswitch efficiency by fixing them with split fluorescent proteins. Though this may be more helpful in determining several mathematical constants of photoswitches, it is useless to test the combined efficiency of photoswitches and a split working protein. To fix this deficiency, we carried out experiments to connect photoswitches with T7 RNA Polymerase. This would be helpful for the teams who have interest in utilizing this system in the future. The data provided by us can assist them to construct modeling more efficiently.



We expand the influence of iGEM and synthetic biology and help establish new iGEM team


We convey lectures, on the topic of biological theory and laboratory practice, to students of Shenzhen Middle School. Beside, we gave speeches to expand iGEM’s influence. This helps us receive more than 50 pieces of application. The human practice is a huge success, because it carries on the legacy in Shenzhen and promotes synthetic biology to a wider range of people.



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