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Lecture in lab

On August 4th, we were invited by our PI to share our project’s design peers who attended the camp in laboratory. By that time, our experiment had only started for a month, but we still accept this challenge. The preparation was not easy. We tried to make our slides accurate and shows the essence of our project. This is our first try of public education; though this education is in a small scale, we still imposed influence on our audiences. When being interviewed after the lecture, one of our audiences told us that “[her] passion towards synthetic biology has been ignited”.






Lecture in children’s theater

In order to enhance our project’s influence on local community and raise the awareness of PD, on August 23rd, we held a public lecture in Children’s theater, Shenzhen, to talk about PD’s increasing prevalence and its ideal precautions. Our leader of wetlab delivered the lecture. There were plenty of people listening to our lecture. After the lecture, some audiences even came up to inquire us about several facts about PD. We were proud that we really did bring influences to the public since they were actually giving feedbacks. In order to better promote our lecture, we recorded the entire process of our lecture. Here is the link of our complete lecture video: To testify the results of this public lecture, we asked the audiences to finish one questionnaire after the lecture, in accordance with the first questionnaire mentioned in HP block.







Two-days camp in lab

In addition to holding lectures, we also founded a school club named iGEM drill to promote the concept of synthetic biology and iGEM wider. After advertising and recruiting, the club welcomes 41 bio-lovers. We then planned to open a short-term of two-day experiment lesson on Oct 6th.


Our purpose was to provide opportunities to those students who are interested in biology and would like to devote themselves to this field. We aimed to tell them how we high school students conduct experiments, and how different devices are utilized in the lab. After the 2-days’ camp, many students attending our lessons gave comments about the lessons, and we collected these feedback. We are grateful of those who have enthusiastically participated in classes, and based on their feedback, we believe that we really bring them a brand-new sight of laboratory and biology. Here is our link of class video/vlog:


The timetable in English




Lecture at school with SZU

On October 23rd, we collaborate with SZU-China to open a lecture focusing on iGEM, synthetic biology, and our projects. We decided to hold this lecture for those students in SMS who are interested in our poster, which mentioned our project SKIP and iGEM:



Over 50 students came to our lecture, making the classroom so full that our team members who film the lecture can only stand on the back row. Our team introduced iGEM and our own project first, and then SZU-China introduced the central doctrine and their project. Worried that the students would feel sleepy or bored, our members discussed for many times about details – how to elaborate our project in a simple way, how to introduce iGEM in an interesting way. To our surprise, students were all concentrated and active when it came to iGEM. We were glad that we have aroused the passion of so many people, and we felt proud that we have promote publicize the meaningful activity to our juniors. Last year there were 6 students in our school participated in iGEM. When they gave lectures about their project and introduced the competition to us, we are deeply appealed to their presentation. They have successfully ignited the passions of us. This year our team followed their spirit of education and ignited over fifty 10th graders in SMS. One of the most spirit of iGEM – education – are passed on!


This effect, we hope, could exist and last for years as traditions, and the connection of iGEM community in SMS will thus be strengthened, developed, and become, ultimately, a precious legacy.





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