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On Sep. 27th , we reached SZU-China through our senior, Yiming Chen, who had once studied in SMS and was graduated from SZU. Both residing in the city of Shenzhen, we shared the same objective of making iGEM and synthetic biology popular in Shenzhen; and we reached a mutual agreement after a brief conversation. The detailed design of what we would conduct is still, however, ambiguous at the time. We then noticed that many students in SZU are graduates from SMS, and the fact suddenly brought us an epiphany: we are basically younger versions of them, a bunch of enthusiastic bio-fans, and why cannot the enthusiasm be passed on, among our juniors, and be developed to become a legacy?

We thus decided to hold a lecture for 10th-grader students in SMS with SZU-China (for detailed description, see education). In order to promote iGEM, synthetic biology, and both of our projects, we spent almost a month to discuss online the main parts and the form of presentation (due to the COVID-19, students from SZU-China could not enter SMS, so we have to decide the best form of the lecture that would result in the highest efficiency). During our well-prepared lecture, every section of our lecture proceeded smoothly as planned, and we successfully ignited the students’ passion for iGEM. During the process, both of our projects are promoted successfully. After the collaboration, we were still in close contact with Yiming Chen, and he provided lots of useful advice for them; we have as well provided much information for the senior iGEMer-wannabes, and we, the SMS and the SZU-China, were proud that we have successfully proceeded the legacy, and the promotion of iGEM and synthetic biology has been propelled in Shenzhen, especially among the younger generation.




In addition, we also form a tight partnership with GreatBay_SCIE. Sharing the same laboratory, we have developed a thick connection with each other. When they give a lecture, at the start of the iGEM contest, on their program of “Shroom Sweeper”, we, rather confused at the time, were inspired to conduct a program that is not only innovative but also helpful it is for mankind. We conversed with each other quite often during experiments, mostly for protocols of our experiments, and we studied, mutually, from each other. They taught us, for example, how to use SDS-PAGE, which helped us to determine the successful production of our target enzyme. (see SDS-PAGE proves the existence of HpaB and HpaCfor detailed information).



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