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We are SMS_Shenzhen. Our team composed of ten students from Shenzhen Middle School. In addition, we have two instructor from Bluepha Lab that constantly give us support. All of us have interest in biology and wants to try the emerging field – synthetic biology. We would like to devout our passion and energy into this competition and want to change from our community to the world with our own efforts.



Introduction of team member
Student leader

Have strong interest in biology, hope to improve knowledge level, cooperative skills, and leadership during this competition. The greatest hobby is lying around at home.


Wet lab leader
Tianzuo Zeng
Like history and medieval-style computer games. But like research and academics more, especially biology. Hope to experience a whole research process by doing iGEM.


Dry lab leader
Yanxi Ren
Like biology most among all the subjects. Very like listening to music. Have interest in photographing, singing, drawing, and writing.


Yixin Weng
Has interest in biology and wants to be a doctor in the future. Like playing jigsaw-puzzle, go shopping, and photographing. Be good at Ai photographing, unmanned aerial vehicle, coding, Pr, design, and clinical psychology.


Like playing with animals, therefore like biology best. The best interest is watch anime, especially Japanese anime.


Lingchao Zhu
Like playing tennis and watching anime. Used to study biology competition, has talents in biology and wants to major in information biology.


Huanran Sun
Good at film editing and chemistry. Wanted to study media in the future.


Jie Chen
Like watching anime, playing video games, and drawing. Choose to join in this competition because wants to explore the field of biology.


Yuepeng Gu
Good at chemistry and math, has interest in data science and chemistry. Like to playing computer games and tennis. Wants to be a part-time researcher and part-time programmer in the future.


Zifeng Ye
Like playing video games, listening to music, and painting. Has strong interest in chemistry and biology, therefore wanted to study related fields in the future.


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