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After we had decided to do SKIP, we wanted to ask many people around us about their opinions toward our project; however, much to our surprise, those relatives and friends around us, even those who are of high risks to be attacked by Parkinson’s Disease (PD), didn’t know what the symptoms of PD are and what the differences between PD and Alzheimer’s Disease are. We thus knew the importance to spread the knowledge of PD to the public.
In order to perceive and understand public cognition toward PD, we designed a questionnaire suitable for all ages and spread it through the internet. The questionnaire mainly investigates those four aspects:
1) How much do people know about PD;
2) What misunderstandings do people have towards PD;
3) To what degree do people care about PD in daily life;
4) Whether people notice that the number of PD patients who are under forty has already raised to become 10% of the total number of patients with Parkinson’s.
Until October 25th, we have already received 311 pieces of valid data of answers.






According to Figure 1 and Figure 2, there are 55.74% people that have only heard of PD, and 6.56% people haven’t even heard of PD. Being asked about PD precaution, 48.52% people stated that they were not aware that PD can be prevented, and only 11.14% people knew specific methods. The necessity of providing knowledge is noteworthy.





From Figure 4 and Figure 5, we knew that the public needs to understand more about PD. Therefore, we started to organize a public lecture to formally introduce PD in detail.




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