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非模块化方式使用layui Entprenuership




Part: BBa_K3527000


The phoA promoter is repressed by high phosphate concentrations. Under phosphate limited conditions, phoA promoter (basic parts BBa_K3527000) is activated. There are the other two phoA promoter sequence (basic parts: (BBa_K1139200 and BBa_K737023) which are much shorter than that of BBa_K3527000.



Part: BBa_K3527003


BBa_K3585006 is a composite part constituting of enhanced green fluorescent protein gene under control of phoA promoter (basic parts BBa_K3527000). The similar design was seen for composite parts BBa_K1139201 and BBa_K737024. The part BBa_K737024 does not have experimental data showing its function and the part BBa_K1139201 has sufficient data showing its function but no practical application.


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