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Safety first, prevention first is our country's policy of safe production. For us who frequent laboratories, we must constantly improve our safety awareness. Accidents can be avoided by mastering a wealth of safety knowledge, strictly abiding by the operating procedures and rules and regulations, and always being vigilant. If the preventive measures are reliable and the accidents are handled properly, the damage can be minimized.

Before entering the laboratory, the instructor gave us detailed laboratory safety education. From the aspects of personal safety, drug and reagent safety, instrument and equipment safety, operational safety, etc., teach us how to conduct correct and standardized experimental operations, and give us examples to show us how to deal with accidents. We have learned a lot from it.

For personal safety, whenever we enter the experiment, we must protect our own personal safety, wear protective clothing, wear latex gloves, wear a mask, and sometimes wear goggles. More importantly, we can't eat and drink in the laboratory. It is best to put our school bags and other items in the lockers. Only by ensuring the safety of the personnel can the experiment be carried out with confidence.

For the safety of medicines and reagents, we must store and use them in strict accordance with the product instructions, after use, put it back in time. If it is accidentally spilled on the test bench, we must clean it up in time. Because some acid-base corrosive and even toxic reagents are sometimes used in the process of biochemical experiments, we should be careful when using these drugs, not only to protect our own safety, but also to protect other people and the environment.

To ensure the safety of laboratory instruments is not only because these experimental instruments are very expensive, but also because only by ensuring that the instruments are normal can we obtain accurate and precise experimental data, which is conducive to the smooth completion of our subject. Although the teacher repeatedly urged everyone to use the relevant equipment carefully during the experiment, there was a small accident. When weighing sodium chloride medicine with a beaker, a student accidentally broke the beaker. Fortunately did not cause harm to people, and then the teacher cleaned up the broken beaker in time to let the experiment continue.

In addition, there are many places that need attention, such as the use of laboratory water and electricity, the use of sterilization pots, and the use of electrophoresis apparatus. These aspects require our attention in the usual test process. The washing of laboratory utensils and the discharge of experimental residual liquid should be separated from the discharge of general washing water; the general washing water can be directly discharged, while the washing of laboratory utensils and the discharge of experimental residual liquid need to be sent to the wastewater treatment device through a pipeline Discharge after treatment. Garbage and waste generated after the experiment should also be classified into designated collection places for hazardous materials.

Our team is actively working in the laboratory. Every time you conduct an experiment, everyone will check each other’s experiment records and the content to be prepared today; during the experiment, we will communicate and help each other through the experiment equipment and experiment notes, and answer each other’s problems encountered during the experiment. If problems cannot be solved, they will also consult the teacher, so I think this team is very united and cooperative.



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