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Locust plague has been one of the devastating disasters to humans and the environment. Both chemical and biological pesticides were widely used, but because of the rapid movement and unpredictability of locust swarms, these methods are costly and cause serious environmental problems. We designed a rapidly deployable locust attraction scheme, the core of which is to synthesis specific locust aggregation pheromone 4-Vinylanisole to attract locusts and prepare for further rapid and effective eradication in the attraction area. Furthermore, an engineered bacteria which can degrade phenylacetonitrile was successfully created, avoiding its interference to the trapping effect. Through synthesis of 4-Vinylanisole and degradation of Phenylacetonitrile, locusts are “attracted” together and the site-specific control of locust swarms is realized. Our project provides a more environmentally friendly and greener way to kill locusts in the future.