Team:ZJUT China B/Judging Form


Bronze Medal

★Competition Deliverables★


As you can see, we have built our own wiki.


We are making our poster

Presentation Video

We are making our presentation video

Project Promotion Video

We have submitted this video

Judging Form

Judging form has been submitted on time


★Project Description★


Silver Medal

★Engineering Success★

We made significant progress on Parts and our device.


We have collaborations with several teams, even experts in various fields.

★Human Practices★

We have done a lot of work on Human Practices and have greatly advanced the progress of our project.

★Proposed Implementation★

Our multi-virus detection device has multiple application scenarios.

Gold Medal

★Integrated Human Practices★

Our project has changed based upon our human practices work.

★Project Modeling★

The model has been built based on the data we collected.

★Proof of Concept★

Our project is rigorous and scientific with detailed proof.


We had profound scientific exchanges with QHFZ and ShanghaiTech_China.

★Science Communications★

Profound scientific communications with experts, teachers, students, the general public has been conducted by us which shed scientific light on ordinary people.

Special prize

★Integrated Human Practices★

We mainly focus on the stakeholders/groups of the virus detection device, and carry out research from the perspectives of the population, the company and the government. We checked for public interest, got advice from a company about the commercial aspects of the project and market demand, and researched government regulations. We adjusted the goals of our project to make sure our device conformed to the regulations, and also to increase public trust in our device. At the same time, we actively maintained close communication with experts and other university teams for problems encountered in the course of the project in both wet and dry labs.


The object of our education outreach work is to tailor our communication to engage children, students and other members of the general public. For different groups, we have designed different education resources and workshops to match the educational background of different groups of people. It is worth mentioning that we attach great importance to the feedback from the target audience. Every activity has a carefully designed feedback link, from which we can continuously improve the quality of our education resources and workshops.


We have designed a device that can detect multiple fluorescein at the same time, and can use it to draw kinetic curves. The filter we designed has two filter wheels, each of which has four types of filters, and each of them corresponds to the best absorption and excitation wavelength of a fluorescein. The filter is controlled by the rotation angle of the servomotor, and the purpose of detecting different fluorescein is achieved by changing a pair of filters on the optical path. In order to enhance the capacity of the device, we have also designed a matching reactor and detection chip, which will be mentioned on the corresponding webpage.