Team:KCL UK/Excellence

Overview of Excellence in Entrepreneurship and Inclusivity:


Our team's passion and recognition of the importance about learning, researching and finding way to make the fields of STEM and synthetic biology more inclusive has culminated in a range of inclusivity research. Our passion and interest for entrepreneurship has been explored in our entrepreneurial research. Our research and exploration into entrepreneurship and inclusivity relates directly to synthetic biology, as well as exploring how we can increase access to the ability to learning about synthetic biology and entrepreneurship. Below we have outlines a summary of the culmination of our work in exploring synthetic biology, entrepreneurship and inclusivity.


The unique, inventive nature of our approach is strongly linked to the entrepreneurial, interdisciplinary, multi-faceted nature of our team. Our team sees the culmination of entrepreneurial students from the Life Science and Engineering faculty and our interdisciplinary, therapeutics-focused team has facilitated the the convergence of synthetic biology and 3D bioprinting, resulting in our creative approach to designing a novel approach for Spinal Cord Injuries. We are passionate about entrepreneurship and this has led us to design a project aligned to the possibility of commercialisation. We have spent time researching the steps we would need to take to achieve this and to explore excellence in entrepreneurship. We have designed our approach to highlight the necessary steps we would need to take in order to turn our project into a start-up company. In addition to the entrepreneurship related to our Renervate, we are passionate about sharing our knowledge and interest in entrepreneurship. We have designed a competition that shares our passion for Synthetic biology and has placed an emphasis on exploring entrepreneurship and business skills. We have also contributed a summary of the steps needed to commercial an iGEM project, for future iGEM teams to utilise. Please find below a summary of our Entrepreneurial work:


Through our inclusivity research we aimed to understand where the Synthetic Biology and STEM field in general lacks accessibility, in order to understand the problem to learn how best to tackle it. We are passionate about breaking down barriers and bridging the gaps in Synthetic Biology. We have investigated the barriers in these fields, focusing our research initially on research in the local region by specifically analysing data from the United Kingdom. Our research lead us to generate reports and communication material as to ways to start to break down these barriers in our local area and internationally. We are passionate about breaking down the barriers in SynBio and STEM and also empowering the next generation to learn, enter the field and shape the future of Synthetic Biology-based solutions and we have pioneered a competition to do so. Additionally, we have developed a pilot study on the identities that are represented in iGEM and those who are not. Based on our results we intend to tailor an optimised study in which the objective will be expanding access to a broader audience. Our research has been conducted into the barriers in STEM and the role of leadership in inclusivity and intersectional. Our communication work focused on inclusivity has included creating guides to intersectionality, accessibility and inclusivity. Please find below a summary of our Inclusivity work: