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Our Sponsors

A message to our Sponsors and to those who have supported Renervate.

Renervate could not have been possible without the donations from very generous members of the public, through our GoFundMe page and to those who attended our fundraising events. Renervate could also not have been possible without our very generous grant from the Promega Corporation, and the rest of our sponsors.

Promega Corporation

Promega Corporation supported Renervate by selecting us as 1 of the 10 winning teams across the world to receive their lucrative iGEM grant, which went to towards our participation in iGEM.

Promega Logo


Snapgene was very generous enough to provide free versions of their software for all members of Renervate to use in our analysis of our Biobricks and DNA primers.

Snapgene Logo


Geneious thankfully provided access to their bioinformatics software so we could analyse the sequence of our protein and other related sequences.

Geneious Logo

BMG Labtech

BMG Labtech are supporting us with access to Microplate readers and providing the team with any necessary training.

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King's College London Student Union

KCLSU supported our fundraisers with their resources and facilitating our meeting spaces. They also approved the new KCL Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology Society founded by members of Renervate.

King's College London Student Union Logo

King's College London

King's College London granted us the Student Opportunity Fund - which allows students to take part in various opportunities without worrying about any financial restrictions.

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Biochemical Society

Biochemical Society have funded the KCL iGEM teams outreach work.

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