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Unity is Strength

Figure 1. Detailed division of labor

Progress we made

Consists of a group of people who major in different field whereas all keen on synthetic biology, our iGEM2020 team was found in last year under the assistance of last year’s team members and teachers. After last year’s iGEM Giant Jamboree, they launched a series of activities introducing what iGEM is and encouraged everyone to participate in it. Since the meeting when they preached the knowledge about biotechnology and the iGEM competition, we have comprehended what they had already achieved and finally built a united and cohesive group step by step with our enthusiasm towards science. Like what we did in the past, four groups were set up to undertake different tasks with effective teamwork.

We had a brainstorm at the beginning of this year under the instruction of our teacher and senior schoolmates. After detailed and careful discussion, we eventually decided to follow our steps in last two years. That is, to optimize our predator system and make it more advanced with better features, including making it modularization as well as controllable by external signals such as small molecules or physical signals.

Due to the pandemic broke out in the beginning of 2020, we cannot return school as normal schedule. Nevertheless, we still keep pushing our progress forward by searching for literature resource on the internet, learning experimental skills and share our gains by online meeting platforms. At the same time, some members who stayed at the university managed to do a series of pre-experiment. We set out to normal procedure as soon as we return to campus in this summer: experiment group collected and analyzed resource and literature, then put our thinking into experimental practice; model group tried their best to build up an appropriate mathematical model according to data from experiments; HP group kept searching for useful resources and communicating with other teams and found all kinds of opportunity of cooperation… Every single person has tried their best.

Work we accomplished

Team Leader

As the team leader this year, Tianyi Zhang has taken the responsibility of connecting different groups and teachers, contacting with other teams to get cooperation and following up the progress of different groups since the foundation of our team in December 2019. We have done so much thanks to her extraordinary leadership and conscientiousness.


Tianyi Zhang was mainly in charge of experiment part and finished the pre-experiment.

Tianyi Zhang, Yuxin Liu and Zhenyu Zhou made the preparation for cell culture medium, transformation of competent cell and transfection. Yingqian Ye and Yuxuan Wang did the PCR, Agarose Gel Electrophoresis, Gel Purification, double digestion and ligation work. Changtai Xiao, Junzi Gu completed parts including cell lines culture, transfection and proteins fluorescence detection.

Hanxiao Feng, Huiying Liu and Qian Wei searched most of the literature and compiled the summary of our work.

Human practice

Zuyu Dai, as the HP group leader, is responsible for dispatching, division of labor and coordination.

Qingyi Liu led the establishment of the five University Alliance Cooperation Association and held an online exchange meeting with the help of Tianyi Zhang and Zuyu Dai. He managed to reach the agreement on cooperation in experiment with BNU and reached the deep related cooperation opinions with CSU. He carried out scientific propaganda in a local middle school, produced and distributed publicity manuals.

Changtai Xiao and Lunhao Ju were responsible for conducting propaganda lectures and interesting games, and arranged a large number of questionnaire feedbacks. In order to solve the problems existing in the experiment group, they conducted interviews of experts to obtain opinions, suggestions, application direction, safety and acceptance feedback on experiments so that our project could be well improved.

Linjie Li and Yulan Chen were responsible for recording and producing the team propaganda video. Besides, Linjie Li was in charge of photography and providing photo materials.

Xinlin Liu was in charge of the design of our team logo and T-shirt.


Yongjiang Li was in charge of the modeling this year.

Yanchen Gou put forward model establishment guidance of the overall model construction, and he also did literature research on relevant parameters.

Yongjiang Li and Haoyu Zhang are both in charge of model construction, parameter adjustment, and they completed the main model construction to generally evaluate the efficiency of PREDATOR PRO. Yongjiang Li worked on pre experiment, and Haoyu Zhang worked on formal part. Yongjiang Li also engaged in data integration and computer implementation. Besides, Haoyu Zhang was responsible for summarizing the results of the entire model part.

Jie Cai has integrated all the work, at the same time is responsible for writing and compiling the description of model part in our Wiki.

Zhiliang Pan provided significant guidance on our model and also did parameter adjustment work.


Junzi Gu worked on the visual appearance of our final PowerPoint. Huiying Liu and Tianyi Zhang participated in designing the poster for the publicity of our project.

Ruoxi Wang and Zhiliang Pan was generally responsible for our website and wiki building.

Wiki Building

Ruoxi Wang and Guangyi Lin build main structure of our wiki. Qinrui Jiang helps their work.

Support we got

Sincere thanks are given to every single individuals and cooperation that have provided us strong support for our project this year!

Fundraising Help

Our PI, Prof. Lingyun Zhu, has provided us with registration fee, experimental and travel funding support. Our instructor Jingyu Kuang was in charge of general expenses management. Thanks for all the financial support from College of Liberal arts and Sciences of NUDT.

Facility Support

Department of Biology and Chemistry of College of Liberal arts and Sciences provided several biology experimental platform for us. Besides, our instructor Lu Min also provided us with dedicated laboratories and equipment.

Advice Provision

Our second PI Xinyuan Qiu offered us some brilliant advice on our design and wiki, which helped us keep our project heading towards the right direction. Our instructor Chuanyang Liu taught us the guidelines about common experimental techniques, and assisted in improving plasmids we designed. Another instructor Lvyun Zhu checked our presentation and put forward constructive opinions which were quite valuable and helped us a lot.

Technology Support

Our instructor Wenying Li was in charge of teaching us how to design a plasmid and do research on it by the SnapGene software. She and another instructor, Lu Min, also introduced us about basic principle of synthetic biologic experiment, as well as some practically experimental operations.

Our instructor Xiaomin Wu provided us with solutions when we faced difficulties during the process of wiki production.

Cooperation Assistance

Acknowledgement goes to these universities: CSU which established deep cooperation with us; BUCT, SMMU, UCAS and OUC which consists of Association of Five Universities with us; BNU, which reached a cooperation agreement in experiments part with us. Thank you all for your great contribution and assistance to our work!

Our instructor Sisi Xie helped us contact with other colleges and institutes for collaboration.

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