Team:NUDT CHINA/Human Practices



Build the bridge between lab and the external society

Integrated Human Practices

    As a foundational advance project, our work in iGEM 2020 attempted to provide a novel toolbox to control the homeostasis of specific target proteins in mammalian cells. Hence, our lab work was mainly directed to serve synthetic biologists with new toys for synthetic circuit design, as well as scientists in other fields with new approach to develop cell models, etc. With these proposed applications in mind, our human practice work mainly focused on gathering ideas and suggestions from scientists and experts and collecting information on how our project could be shaped to meet their demands. Their supportive feedbacks helped us to reshape the project design and inspired us on the possible future application of our project as well.

    At the same time, we also reached out and established in-depth collaboration with multiple teams around China. Suggestions on our projects and help with data visualization were obtained throughout these collaborations. We also held joint human practice program with CSU_CHINA. Besides, we also participated in meetups and webinars to further expand our connections with other iGEMers.

    Here we demonstrate how our integrated human practice interacts with our project design and the wet-lab experiments.

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