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On this page, we showcase our contributions to the iGEM community. In our project, we developed several skills that we want to pass on to the next generation of iGEM teams. Our team has developed an epidemiological model that can be easily adjusted by future teams to model a specific disease of interest. This could for instance provide them with a better understanding of the epidemiological implications of their diagnostic device. Furthermore, we gained a lot of experience in patenting and got familiar with the complexity of the process. To make patenting more comprehensible for future teams, we decided to make a patenting guide based on our acquired knowledge. This will allow future teams to protect their invention in order to make it viable for further development after the iGEM competition to make their ambitious ideas come to full fruition. Lastly, our team has gone to great lengths to include people with color blindness in our project. We documented the measures we took to achieve this goal so future teams can do the same!

About Us

We are the 2020 team of iGEM Leiden. With an interdisciplinary team of students we aim to develop a point-of-care rapid diagnostic tool for infectious diseases!

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iGEM Team Leiden
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