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Education & Public Engagement

This period was a true challenge for all iGEM teams eager to share their findings, discoveries, and passion for (synthetic) biology. Indeed, much of the public engagement activities and outreach had to be done from the comfort of our homes. However, where there is a will, there is always a way. Modern means of communication have enabled us to share our project and enthusiasm with a broader audience to shape synthetic biology!

As part of our public engagement program, our team put a lot of effort into sharing our project with the public. We engaged with people eager to learn more about infectious diseases and to understand ongoing research in this area. Throughout these discussions, we also learned to adapt our discourse to the general public and aimed to engage them in discussions around synthetic biology and infectious diseases. Overall, given our project subject was tightly related to the current COVID-19 health challenge, our team integrated this in our public engagement efforts and took part in the ongoing conversations on diagnostics and infectious diseases. On this page, we will discuss the highlights of our public engagement.

About Us

We are the 2020 team of iGEM Leiden. With an interdisciplinary team of students we aim to develop a point-of-care rapid diagnostic tool for infectious diseases!

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