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Whilst working on our project, we embraced one of the great aspects of the iGEM competition: meeting other teams and collaborating! This was a perfect way of learning about other projects and expanding our synthetic biology-related knowledge. Doing this with other enthusiastic young scientists worldwide, building relationships with other teams came naturally. This year, we have been able to both create and participate in collaborations with several teams, despite COVID-19 limitations. We even drew inspiration from COVID-19 as can be seen in the collaborations set up by our team. We are grateful to have contributed to engaging people in synthetic biology and to have participated in scientific and fun endeavors, which are listed below.

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We are the 2020 team of iGEM Leiden. With an interdisciplinary team of students we aim to develop a point-of-care rapid diagnostic tool for infectious diseases!

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iGEM Team Leiden
Sylviusweg 72, 2333BE Leiden