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Inlcusion and diversity

We were first introduced to the importance of including the color-blind when we were searching through scientific articles in subteams. A paper about a color-based detection method showed several pictures that a normal eye would register as a clear color change. One of our teammates, however, was unable to distinguish between the colors and had to ask for help in order to interpret a paper like this. If the color change in this article would have been the basis of an actual test kit, he and millions of others would likely not have been able to interpret the result. To include the color-blind in our project, we decided to make our wiki and our experimental output color-blind friendly. We also provide future teams with the tools to do the same, so color-blind people will be included for all years to come!

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We are the 2020 team of iGEM Leiden. With an interdisciplinary team of students we aim to develop a point-of-care rapid diagnostic tool for infectious diseases!

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