Team:NTHU Taiwan/Attributions


Biobrick design(Gene design)

Ching-Chih Lin, Chien-En Huang, Ming-Hung Yen, Manoj Kandel, Yu-Cheng Chang, Yun-Fan Wang, Yi-Ting Pan helped to design the Biobrick.


Chen-Yu Weng, Shun-Ping, Huang designed the wiki using HTML, CSS, Javascript, constructed the structure of our wiki page.

All of our team member wrote the context of our page.


All of the cloning was done by Ching-Chih Lin, Chien-En Huang, Ming-Hung Yen, Manoj Kandel, Yun-Fan Wang, Yi-Ting Pan (one/two plasmids transfer)


Syue-Hao, Lyu built the model of our project.


Shun-Ping, Huang, Wun-Chien Huang are focusing on assemble the bioreactor, do the calibration of the device.

Human practices

Jia-Ying Luo, Yin-Erh Chen are contact person of the team, established Human Practice part, including conducted interviews.

All of our members have engaged in iGEM and SynBio promotion, site visit, collaboration with other iGEM teams, and panel discussion.

Project support and advice

1. Prof. Ya-Tang Yang generously provided his laboratory and experimental material to us.

2. Prof. Hsueh-Shih Chen gave us some advice on quantum dot detection.

3. Prof. Chung-Yu Lan suggestted us to do some experiment modification.

4. 2019 NTHU iGEM team teach us project design、experiment tutorial、presentation skills.

5. Yu-Ming Hsu and Jui-Kuang Chao gave us some advices in environmental pollution interview.

6. Hsin-Chu Science Industrial Park give us a chance to visit wastewater treatment plant.

7. National Tsing Hua University Circular Economy Pot have a circular economy and product interview with us.

Presentation coaching

Prof. Yu-Chun Lin gave us some advice for our presentation.

Difficult technique support

Prof. Tsan-Yao Chen let us use the fluorescence spectrophotometer to measure the spectrum of QDs solution in his lab.