Team:NTHU Taiwan/Partnership


This your we(NTHU_Taiwan) and our neighbor school's team(NCTU_Formosa) built a partnership from March to October. We witness both of our projects growing from prototypes to entire projects together.


Online Meetup With NCTU


At the beginning of our partnership, we have an online meetup on March 27. From self introduction and sharing our future prospects to roughly introducion about project design, we get to make friends with each other and ready for the endless but meaningful trip of iGEM 2020. We also discuss how to figure out the topic and the basic information of each laboratory.


NTHU&NCTU Conference



Besides sharing synthetic biology to the public, the main goal of NTHU X NCTU Conference is practice presentation skills and discover problems in each other’s projects. With it, we improve our presentation and QA skills and find out some similarities in our projects which becomes the key to collaborations. We very thank that NCTU members give a lot of suggestions on our PPT slides' organization and the skills to catch audiences' attentions.

Taiwan Conference


In Taiwan Conference, we got consensus that improving Wet Lab efficiency is the first priority. Our team want to try the Mnth plasmid expression in NCTU chassis bacteria and we share the information of M9 minimal medium in our experiment(NCTU team want to change medium in their functional test).


NTHU → NCTU: M9 minimal medium powder


NCTU team want to check whether their M9 medium is correct. Our team(NTHU) has ready-made 1X M9 minimal powder, so we lent powder to them for their double-checking.


SDGs Panel Discussion



NCTU → NTHU: Membrane Protein Expression with Lemo21

09.28.2020 ~ 10.01.2020

Lemo21 is the chassis bacteria of NCTU_Formosa. With it, membrane protein folding will become easier. NTHU_Taiwan also need to express membrane protein – Mnth, so NCTU team suggested us to try with Lemo21 and change the promoter to the T7 induced promoter. Therefore, they help us to transform their plasmid into Lemo21.