Team:NTHU Taiwan/Collaborations



2020 is a tough year, but we still managed to get some collaboration in visual when the threat of COVID-19 has abated in Taiwan.

Online Meeting


Participant: NCTU_Formosa

As an university near to NCTU, NTHU used to collaborate with NCTU in many different ways. Hence, after brainstorming, we organized an online meeting together and exchanged ideas and the prototype of project.

The sreenshot of the virtual mmetup.

iJET Collaboration Video


Participant: Team Aachen, Team Darstadt

Our team participated in the iJET collaboration video. With a small paper plane, this collaboration tied more than 25 teams from around 4 continents together in this exceptional year. Although we can’t meet each other in Jamboree, but our passion to iGEM will be spread out.

2020 iGEM Taiwan Meetup Conference


Participant: NCHU_Taichung, CSMU_Taiwan, NCKU_Tainan, CCU_Taiwan, NCTU_Formosa

6 iGEM teams from different university in Taiwan gathered in National Chung Hsing University to have a meetup conference, bringing up for discussion against iGEM projects. This is the first time we could share our ideas, poster, presentation of BioSQUAD with other iGEM teams in face-to-face. During the discussion, we received some suggestions and questions about our target problem, they pointed out the process between target problem and solution wasn’t clear enough for them to understand. Therefore, we organized the whole presentation again and ensured the mechanism of gene and model would be clear and easy to understand. We also took advices of instructor from other teams as reference, improved our hardware equipment for bioreactor. In the meetup, Dr. Jui-Jen Chang, CEO of Trade Wind Biotech, and Dr. Tong-Young Lee, CEO of Celtec Inc, shared their experience of biotechnology in business. It’s a great inspiration and opportunity for iGEM teams in Taiwan to learn from each other.

Our teammates make a poster for delivering our project, BioSqaud.

Our teammates are presenting our project for all six igem teams.

Our teammate are asking the professor for the proble we confronted.

SDGs Panel Discussion


Participant: CSMU_Taiwan, NCKU_Tainan, CCU_Taiwan, NCTU_Formosa

All iGEM teams are applying themselves to support Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) for improvement worldwide issue. SDGs are closed related either with society or environment and include 17 different areas. We aims on establishment of eco-friendly manufacturing process for ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns, which is fit the goal 12 of SDGs. The panel discussion provided an chance for gaining different ideas about how other people work on these important goals to make world better.

Illegally discharged wastewater cause serious pollution in Taiwan. The government has ignored the pollution issue for long time due to complicated interlink between big business and lack of social concern. As a QDs-produced device, BioSQUAD proposed a biosynthesis manufacturing process and do no harm to the environment by collecting toxic cadmium in water, turn it into valuable product. The QDs produced by BioSQUAD could be used in water quality device, which help general public learn more about the water quality around their lives and have more awareness of water pollution. When there are more people concern about environment issue, the government would be pressed to face the problem and improve it.

The sreenshot of the virtual meetup at the end of the discussion.

Survey Collaboration


Participant: iGEM UPCH Peru, iGEM Guelph, iGEM TU Kaiserslautern, Team UteRus

Our team had designed a survey for integrated human practice research and invited all iGEM fellows to fill out it for better understanding of market potential of our project and the current state of heavy metal water pollution in all countries. For iGEM UPCH Peru, iGEM Guelph, Team UteRus, TU Kaiserslautern, teams' help, we were able to complete our project.

We also assisted team TU Kaiserslautern translate their description of project to Mandarin(Traditional Chinese) for transfer knowledge well.

The google form we made to do the online survey.

iGEM Project and SDGs


Participant: iGEM UPCH Peru

In addition to panel discussion, we were attached by iGEM UPCH Peru to share how do we contribute our project to reach SDGs with them. This is their first time to join iGEM and want to know more about how does an iGEM project raise awareness of benefits and scientific approaches. iGEM UPCH Peru also assisted us improving our survey and provided useful feedbacks.

The SGDs goal we are concerning.