Team:NTHU Taiwan/Medal

Medal Criteria

Gold Medal

Integrated Human Practices: Our integrated human practice is focusing on doing the survey, interviewing the professor for public and academic opinion on our project. With those precious advices, we try to adjust our design to make it better.

Project Modeling: We introduce the PFC model to simulate intracellular nucleation and this method can be extend to other crystal growth in cell. The benefit of setting simulation is the simple parameter of this model, which let us simulate the clearly acquainted of the bio-system.

Partnership:We (NTHU_Taiwan) and our neighbor school's team (NCTU_Formosa) built a partnership from March to October. We witness both of our projects growing from prototypes to entire projects together.

Science Communication: Our teammate tried to communicate with other groups like junior high school, freshman camp for promotion. Even though there are so many hindrances this year, our teammates tried to communicate with other like Junior high school and freshman camp for promotion. You can find further details in education page about what they did !


Silver Medal

Proposed Implementation: We thoroughly discussed about how to make our project applied in the real world. And we make a plan with three stages. Also we aim to sell our product to companies and wastewater treatment factories.

Human Practices: Our human practice team put lots of effort on survey, interview and site visiting. Try to make sure that our project can fix some problems in the real world instead of daydreaming.

Collaboration: 2020 is a tough year, but we still managed to get some collaboration in visual when the threat of COVID-19 has abated in Taiwan. With those conference, we improve our project thorugh advices we obtained from other iGEM team.

Engineering Success: We transform our target gene successfully and verify its expression and fuction by experiments.


Bronze Medal

Contribution: We are successful to check the QDs in solution by easy method and improve the Cadmium ion tolerance ability and QDs synthesis efficiency by synthetic biology way. We also build a model to explain the detail of QD biosynthesis.

Project Description : Our team wrote two pages (Description, Quantum Dots) to explain our project. In pages, we talk about background, experiment, problem we notice and the goal we want to achieve.

Attributions: We created a page to thank each teammate, senior student and professor for their kindly support. Appreciated to every person that made our project happen. Go on and visit our attribution page.

Competition Deliverables: We constructed a wiki to document our things and upload a promotion video. Also we completed a judge form as well as a poster in paper form.