Team:NTHU Taiwan/Parts



BioBricks have always been the foundational building blocks for iGEM projects. When constructing our BioBricks, we made use of the IDT synthesis offer to generate our required parts in a fast and efficient way. Additionally, we made use of PCR amplification with our constructed expression plasmids as a template to construct several BioBricks. All parts were generated during our project.

Basic Parts

Table 1. Tools used in the dry lab part of our bioreactor. All electrical equipment used was designed to fit for assembly with Biosquad.

Biobrick ID Description Type Length
BBa_K1724000 CadA promoter (Cd2+) Promoter 31 bp
BBa_K525998 Promoter T7 and RBS Promoter 32 bp
BBa_R0010 promoter (lacI regulated) Promoter 55 bp
BBa_B0030 RBS(strong) RBS 15 bp
BBa_K1526007 MntH transporter from NRAMP family Coding 2676 bp
BBa_K2242233 Cysteine Desulfhydrase (yhaO) Coding 1203 bp
BBa_E1010 Red Fluorescent Protein Coding 706 bp
BBa_K3486000 Metallothionein-2 Coding 255 bp