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PyoBuster - Collaborations


Meeting Lausanne

We participated in a meeting with the Lausanne team to talk about the competition and exchange thoughts about our projects. During this meeting we overviewed our organization and how we adapted to the sanitary situation. It allowed us to have another perspective on the iGEM competition and on the problems we were facing concerning the laboratory work ahead of us.
We had many questions about how well we were facing the covid crisis and meeting Lausanne was a real relief. At the time of the meeting, both teams were about to begin laboratory the week after.

Meeting iGEM Moscow-Russia team

We organized a meeting with the iGEM Moscow-Russia team that was working on autosomal-recessive mutations that cause orphan diseases, in particular cystic fibrosis. Our projects had the cystic fibrosis disease context in common, so we organised this collaboration to talk about it. We exchanged some information about the life conditions of cystic fibrosis patients in both our countries including the treatments, the costs of medical care and general well being. It allowed us to get a more global view on the ethical implementation of our project.

Server iGEM FR

We created a server on the Discord software to unify francophone teams. We gathered the 11 french teams and the Lausanne team on this server, in order to discuss and exchange on our different projects. It allowed us to support each other at low points in our adventures and create an open space to talk about the competition, synthetic biology and other societal and scientific matters. Thanks to this platform, we could create different collaboration projects despite the sanitary situation in our countries. It has been our main exchange support in the realization of the collaborations between the teams for the meetings, "iGEM FR" video and the “Wiki for All” project.

iGEM FR video

We are at the initiative of the video project "iGEM FR”. We gathered all the French speaking iGEM teams to make a video about our projects, teams and cities. All the features of the video were decided by every team together thanks to the iGEM FR server. The goal was to bring everyone together to work on a common project that could showcase the iGEM competition and synthetic biology. By creating a video, we wanted to reach out to any francophone country and to sensitize on GMOs and genetic engineering. The video has then been posted on all our social media so it could be accessible to all.

TU Deltf Video

We participated in a collaborative project called Synbio. It is a video iGEM teams all around the world that explain the problem they plan to solve using genetic engineering. The idea behind it is to show what a great tool GMOs can be and the diversity of domains in which we could apply them. This way we hope to change the dogma about synthetic biology by showing it under a new light. We displayed this video on all our social media so it could be as accessible as possible.

Wiki for All

Working on our project, it was important to us that our research would be accessible to as many people as possible. As science and knowledge belong to everyone, we wanted to design our wikis in such a way that people with visual, earing or motor disabilities could access our work. This is why we contacted other teams for the task of making a Wiki for All. By collaborating with those other teams, we could get a variety of different perspectives of how to adapt our websites to as many people as possible. Together we set some guidelines to follow during the design of our wikis to make them accessible.
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