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We are a team composed of 11 students who come from different horizons. There are 4 engineering students and 7 biology and biotechnology students. We are supervised by 3 advisors, and 3 supervisors, including 3 persons who have taken part in the previous iGEM editions.

The 2020 Grenoble Alpes Team

Our Team

Picture of Sara Salhi
Sara Salhi
Picture of Elouen Le Garrec
Elouen Le Garrec
Picture of Mathieu Clavel
Mathieu Clavel
Picture of Iryna Moskalevska
Iryna Moskalevska
Picture of Mandy Leger
Mandy Leger
Picture of Mehdy Bert-Erboul
Mehdy Bert-Erboul
Picture of Noémie Garnier
Noémie Garnier
Picture of Hugo Techer
Hugo Techer
Picture of Mattis Beilleau
Mattis Beilleau
Picture of Sébastien Rigollet
Sébastien Rigollet
Picture of Florian Laffont
Florian Laffont

Our Advisors

Picture of Clément Caffaratti
Clément Caffaratti
Picture of Charles Jabour
Charles Jabour
Picture of Pierre Bouvet
Pierre Bouvet
Picture of Pierre Cavailles
Pierre Cavailles
Picture of Claire Durmort
Claire Durmort
Picture of Audrey Le Gouellec
Audrey Le Gouellec

Our City

The city of Grenoble

Grenoble is a beautiful and academic city, with an important scientific center. The University of Grenoble Alpes hosts more than 60 000 students in 30 divisions and 80 laboratories and proposes 400 diplomas. It is an institution that welcomes a large number of foreign students every year, more than 9,000 in 2020. The university has more than 47% of international doctoral students. Thanks to the strong presence of research centers, students at Grenoble Alpes university benefit from numerous opportunities. Our city hosts one of the largest operating synchrotrons in the world. Moreover, it has been nominated 6 times in the top 50 best universities in the world.

Because work is not everything, Grenoble is a student city that offers a sought-after environmental setting. We are surrounded by three massifs: the Chartreuse, Belledonne and the Vercors, destinations well known by hiking, climbing, and skiing enthusiasts. One of the emblems of Grenoble is what is called "les bulles", a cable car that links the Bastille, a historical monument located 476 meters above sea level, to the Grenoble agglomeration. It is one of the oldest urban cable cars in the world and runs all year round. Strongly concerned about ecology, Grenoble will be the European Green Capital in 2022. You have surely understood it, Grenoble is a lively, charming, pleasant, and colorful city thanks to street art, where you can work and study.