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PyoBuster - Medals


During the iGEM 2020 competition our team received the Gold Medal: gold medal

To obtain this medals we had validated several criteria: for the bronze medal, the silver medal, then the gold medal.

bronze medal

  1. Competition Delivrables

  2. Attributions
  3. We wrote the Attributions page which describes the work and involvement of every member of the team, the students as well as the advisors and every person with who we collaborated in PyoBusters.

  4. Project Description
  5. We describe in the Project Description page the overall PyoBusters project.

  6. Contribution
  7. Discover the page Contribution where we describe how we have contributed to the future iGEM teams building our project.

bronze medal

  1. Engineering Success
  2. To create our scientist project, we have followed steps and done engineering successes.

  3. Collaboration
  4. We have collaborated with different teams, in France as well as in European countries (Switzerland, Russia).

  5. Human Practices
  6. We wanted to integrated our project in different sectors of the society, and of the human practices.

  7. Proposed Implementation
  8. See the Implementation page to visualize how PyoBusters could be integrated in the world.

bronze medal

For the gold medal, we have provided:

  1. Integrated Human Practices

  2. Improvement of an existing part

  3. Proof of Concept

  4. Excellence in another area