Team:Grenoble Alpes/Safety

PyoBuster - Safety


Safety is an essential part of research due to the variety of risks it involves. To insure the individual, social and environmental safety, it is important to adopt a common and responsible attitude.

Starting the laboratory work, we were formed for general lab safety, accident management and reporting, electrocution and handling of hazardous material. We also researched the regulations concerning our work of handling genetically modified organisms. General safety instructions on the technical devices and fire security were additionally received by the team members.

Lab coats, protective goggles and disposable gloves were worn by the team members during all the laboratory work time. When working with harmful materials UV-light, Crystal Violet and other hazardous chemicals, additional safety measures were applied.

When working on pathogenic strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, we were formed for the special handling of type 2 risks agents. We worked in special safety cabinets and level 2 security equipped laboratories.

Our engineered E. coli were engineered with an integrated safety mechanism that prevents its survival outside of a Pseudomonas aeruginosa’s biofilm. This system restrain our bacteria to infect humans and animals without Pseudomonas infection. It also prevents it from escaping and growing outside of the laboratory environment.

To protect the patients, we also created a system to prevent the engineered E. coli to proliferate above a certain threshold.

Implementing all these measures, we are confident that our project will not cause any risks for the society or the environment.