Team:Grenoble Alpes/Partnership

PyoBuster - Partnership


iGEM is not only about biology, it is a scientific and human adventure that we had the chance to live. The philosophy behind this competition is to engage in the society using genetic engineering. Our goal is to contribute to make the world a little better applying our knowledge.

Wiki for All

One part of our project is to describe it on a wiki that would be available globally on the internet. It is an important side of iGEM, as sharing knowledge and building upon it is the essence of modern society. This is why we contacted other teams to think of the best way to approach this assignment. Together we came with the idea to create a wiki that would be accessible to as many people as possible. United by this ambition, we worked together to code our wikis in a way that they would be accessible to people with visual or hearing impairment or intellectual and motile disabilities. We did bibliographic research to learn on accessible website design and decided on a set of guidelines that we would apply to the conception of our wikis. To learn more about our work on the “Wiki for All” project, click here.

This partnership was very beneficial as it allowed us to get various points of views from different countries and gave us a more global conception of accessibility. The diversity of opinions is essential for this matter as it’s ambition is to include as many persons as possible.

We would like to thank the teams of Lausanne, Nantes, Sorbonne, Montpellier and Saclay for working with us on this project. We learned a lot from you in this partnership. It allowed us to be more inclusive in our project and opened our minds personally and professionally.