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PyoBuster - sponsors


In our adventure we had the chance to be helped and supported by several foundations, institutes, and companies. Thanks to them for their trust and help.

Fondation UGA

The UGA Foundation is a partner foundation which aims to support, promote and finance various projects within the University of Grenoble. It is an organization that wants to help improve and prepare the world of tomorrow.

Fondation INP

The Grenoble INP Foundation is an organization that brings together all the INP engineering schools in Grenoble. Its role is to take care of student associations, development of research and also relations and collaborations between students and companies.


TIMC-IMAG is a laboratory bringing together scientists and clinicians in Grenoble. They work together to research normal and pathological processes in biology and health using computer science and applied mathematics. This interdisciplinary activity contributes to the improvement and increase of basic knowledge in these different fields, but also to the development of systems for computer-assisted diagnosis and therapy.

UFR de Pharmacie

The Grenoble Faculty of Pharmacy is a major support for our team as it provides us with both material and financial assistance. Thanks to access to their laboratory, our fantastic biologists can carry out their experiments. In addition, the majority of the team members attend one of the many training courses in this Pharmacy faculty.

Grenoble INP

The Grenoble Institute of Technology is a French complex of six engineering schools belonging to the technological faculty of the university. The four engineer members of the team come from the Phelma and Ensimag schools. They provide us with material and a place for our engineers to make their wonders.


IDT (Integrated DNA Technologies) is an american company specialized in oligos manufacturing used for research and diagnostic. Each year, they support the different iGEM teams by providing them with 20kB of DNA sequences.


Twist bioscience is an american company specialized in oligos manufacturing used for biotechnology industries. They support the different iGEM teams by providing them with 10kB of DNA sequences.


Promega is the world leader in biochemistry and biological products.

New England Biolabs

New England Biolabs is an american company which produces reagents for molecular biology.

Crédit Mutuel

Credit Mutuel is a french bank that has been supporting the Grenoble team for several years.


CBH is a community providing Chemistry, Biology and health students with international and interdisciplinary training for their future professional lives through research.

Vaincre la mucoviscidose

VLM is a cystic fibrosis association created in 1965 by parents of young patients and caregivers. Recognized as being of public utility, it is the first private funder of cystic fibrosis research in France.

La Métropole

Grenoble Alpes Métropole is made up of the cities that make up the Grenoble metropolitan area. They work together on regional development projects and support for associations and universities.


Bioaster is a company dedicated to developing a unique and innovative technological model to meet the latest challenges in microbiology.


I&L Biosystems is a leading, experienced and respected supplier of high quality laboratory equipment with excellent customer contacts and relationships within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, life sciences, academic, and food markets.


Apart from the companies and organizations, we wanted to allow individuals who believe in us to help in the realization of our project. Thank you to all of them for their support.

Thanks also to the other partners of iGEM