Team:GunnVistaPingry US/Attributions


  • Dr. Samuel David Perli: Principal Investigator for team, helped in explanation of biological concepts to team members. Introduced and explained variables that affect sgRNA accuracy reviewed the algorithm and made suggestions
  • Yamanaka Lab in Gladstone Institute, UCSF: provided RT qRT-PCR data for several gene knockdowns
  • Professor Shinya Yamanaka: allowed Navya for an internship opportunity, which led her to develop this software project
  • Craig M. Trester: already experienced iGEM once before, helped guide us
  • Siva Palagummi: helped in debugging the Weissman code when it was outdated, and later helped in advising and reviewing our software
  • Lauren Turetsky: Helped guide us in website design and format

Team Contribution

  • Navya Lam: formed and led the project team, implemented human practices, and worked on the algorithm
  • Aaron Chacko Mundanilkunathil: worked on the algorithm by studying the Weissman Lab files, normalizing the scores, debugging the code, and exploring the training sets
  • Alisha Saboowala: focused on improving the model through graphical representations of the variables and by debugging the code
  • Charuthi Arul: primarily worked on exploring the UCSC genome browser for protein information and doing the voice over for team videos
  • Sanjana Biswas: surveyed the literature on CRISPR and explored other biological aspects to improve the model
  • Stephanie Muggler: explored ViennaRNA to analyze secondary structure impact. Also, led in design and animation
  • Dia Dhariwal: worked on outreach, validating the model and exploring the use of polynomial regressions
  • Aditi Sadwelkar: worked on improving the algorithm and implementing off-target stringency
  • Dorothy Lam: worked on website design and researched the background on the relevant genes
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