Team:GunnVistaPingry US/Collaborations


We reviewed their code and suggested few changes. Based on our feedback they implemented the following changes:

  • Implemented serialization
  • Uploaded sample CSV data

They also have plans to implement the following changes, as well as implement code to close CSV files when they are not needed.

  • Look into using a dictionary, the parsing in the code causes restrictions on the users end if new parameters need to be added
  • Add more documentation to make it more readable and clear that Class can be set by user in parameters.txt
  • Implement try catch blocks
  • Add error handling to check for errors, especially while reading and opening files
  • Close any system resources like file and network handles once they are not needed


  • Hosted a virtual meetup
  • Explore Cow Bos Taurus, Baboon genome work
  • Intuitive situation: Explore a single gene
  • Using CRISPR instead of CRISPRi
    • e.g. use transcription start site as 0 and aim for after TSS in exon regions rather than the CRISPRi method
    • Fairly simple transition ideas from CRISPRi → CRISPR due to their shared essential structural components
Contact: For more info please visit ODIGOS website