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Odigos: Software Tool Data Security & Privacy

Odigos was set up in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment as a cloud based software tool. A private AWS cloud with encrypted network channels for accessing data was used to ensure the tool’s data security & privacy. With strong user role permissions in place, only a few personnel were given access to the lab's result dataset and our IP, the machine learning algorithm.

Data Safety

We are a team that takes safety to the highest degree.

Since it is a software accelerated project, we make sure that the data being stored is managed under highly protected cloud platforms keeping information highly classified.

Management Safety

No mismanagement of gene folds or misfolds. Highly secure and well optimized.

Making sure the right sgRNA finds the right DNA based on well carried out machine learning models.

It is of high priority that the sgRNA find the optimal distance from a given location and makes sure that wrong locations are avoided to prevent deleterious mutations. A team of highly skilled computer science professionals constantly monitor this based on multiple iterations and observations.


Online & Data Security With Padlock and Binary Code" by Cloud Income is licensed with CC BY 2.0
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