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This page serves as the 2020 Competition Hub. Each section below can be clicked on to bring you to a page with more details for each topic. Each team member, including students, advisors, instructors, and Primary and Secondary PIs, should take the time to read through everything on this page and on the detail pages prior to starting work on their iGEM project.

Results: The 2020 Competition is now over!

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Instructions for collecting Certificates and Awards

Click below for instructions about collecting participation certificates, medals, and awards.

What's new for 2020?

We have created this sub-hub to help teams track what is new in the 2020 Competition.

2020 Participation Requirements

Below are the requirements for participating in iGEM 2020. All teams are expected to complete these requirements as members of the 2020 iGEM team community.

Please email us at hq [AT] igem [DOT] org with any questions about these requirements.

1. Team Requirements

All iGEM teams must follow the Team Requirements in terms of Team Composition, Team Roles, and Team Sections. These requirements give teams structure and allow teams to compete against each other fairly. For more details about Team Requirements, click below.

2. Competition Registration

In order to register an iGEM team, teams should have an affiliation and must determine which kind of team they will be. The 2020 iGEM fees include team registration fees and Giant Jamboree attendance fees. For more details on all of these criteria and to learn how to register a team, click below.

3. Rules of Conduct

All teams are required to follow the iGEM Rules of Conduct. Failure to follow the rules may result in disciplinary action against your team, up to and including ineligibility for awards and disqualification from the competition. For more details about the iGEM Rules of Conduct, click below.

4. Competition Deliverables

Every iGEM team is responsible for delivering nine different items throughout the competition. These items are used to evaluate your team, in addition to the other medal and award criteria. Failure to complete these deliverables may impact your team’s chances at winning medals and prizes during the Giant Jamboree. For the list of the 2020 iGEM Competition Deliverables, click below.

5. Track Selection

Each team needs to decide which Track they will compete in at the Giant Jamboree. The purpose of the iGEM tracks is to help teams focus their projects. Teams will select two tracks at the start of the season to declare their interests and will ultimately select one track prior to the Giant Jamboree. This year, iGEM has 12 tracks to choose from. For the list of the 2020 iGEM Tracks, click below.

6. Positive Contribution

All participants are required to work hard to build positive contributions to society and have lots of fun!

While we know this is a competition, we encourage all teams to come to the Giant Jamboree to celebrate their hard work and share in the joy of iGEM with teams from around the world.

Other Information

Along with the requirements described above, iGEM teams are also strongly encouraged to submit a title and abstract for their project. More information on each of these elements can be found below.

Join a team

Is your team registered and ready to go? Click below to join their official roster and start your iGEM 2020 season.If you need more information about the registration process go to the Registration page or contact iGEM HQ.

Title and Abstract

Each team should submit a title and abstract for their project. These items are included in the Giant Jamboree program and are the first items the judges will see when they begin to evalulate your team in November. For more details about the Title and Abstract, click below.

Distribution Kit

Due to the pandemic, we are unable to ship out distribution kits this year. For more details, click below.