Sponsors/Special Offers

Partner Special Offers

We are proud to announce our Partner Sponsors Special Offers and Team Grant opportunities for iGEM 2020. Check back often for the latest funding opportunities, offers and discounts!


FREE DNA synthesis

20 kb of complimentary DNA synthesis is available to all registered teams!
Order from IDT by October 27.

Twist Bioscience

FREE DNA synthesis

10 kb of complimentary DNA synthesis is available to all registered teams!
Order by October 13.


Team Grant Opportunity

Awarding $3000 in products and financial support for up to 6 teams, and 20% off DNA synthesis and cloning for all teams.


FREE Software and Extras

iGEM teams can unlock: Notebook, Molecular Biology, 10 GB of extra space, and Benchling Sync - all for free.

SnapGene | Geneious

FREE Software for teams

Free SnapGene and Geneious licenses for iGEM 2020 teams.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Team Discount

Save up to 35% when purchasing GeneArt Strings DNA Fragments with GeneArt Gibson Assembly HiFi and EX Cloning Kits

Revive & Restore

Team Grant Opportunity

Awarding up to 12 grants of $5500 to teams with projects focused on conservation.
Proposals are due by May 25.


FREE Software for teams

MathWorks is offering complimentary MATLAB software to iGEM 2020 teams for use in the competition.​

Support iGEM

Become an iGEM Partner Sponsor

Invest in the future. Inspire students who are defining the field of synthetic biology. Support iGEM teams with Special Offers and Team Grant opportunities.

For a complete list of sponsors, visit: iGEM 2020 Sponsors