Video & Remote Technology

On this page you will find: Why are we transitioning to videos?, Deliverables & Examples , Video Production 101, and the Committee.

We are adapting iGEM to the new normal! As you are seeing all around the globe, remote participation is becoming a large part of our daily lives. In times of necessary social distancing, iGEM teams everywhere are still meeting online and finding ways to continue their work. By transitioning to a new video and virtual-style of competition, we have an opportunity to improve and advance to a new kind of iGEM experience! Many of you already impress us with your team videos every year. New video-style presentations and project promotions will pave the way for faster and easier access to team presentations, more outreach potential, and more inclusive and accessible source of information. At a Virtual Giant Jamboree - videos are a reliable way to show your projects and assure everything runs smoothly!

Video Submission: Introducing the new iGEM Video Platform!

iGEM Video Universe

We are happy to announce the launch of our new video platform: iGEM Video Universe. Created by the Video & Remote Technology Committee, this open platform is accessible from everywhere in the world, free of ads, and open to everyone. In this way - all iGEMers in our community can use it to easily upload, watch videos, as well as subscribe, comment and like. We will be using this platform during the Virtual Giant Jamboree for hosting your Project Promotion Videos and Presentation Videos. Check out the page below for the submission procedure:

Why are we transitioning to videos?

Excellence in a new area

iGEMers already excel in many areas that are traditionally not part of a scientific education. That is part of what makes the iGEM experience unique for students everywhere. The art of making videos and communicating SynBio through this format will become a new area of expertise and excellence for iGEMers of the future.

Inverted Learning

The best learning environments are ones where participants can interact directly with the topics and gain insight from the experiences. Videos allow us to improve the experience at Giant Jamborees by transitioning to an inverted learning style. We will be able to see presentations in advance, re-watch them, and not have to miss out on anything. This creates time at the jamboree that will focus on collaboration, connecting projects and people, and working on future goals.


More than 5000 students participate in iGEM every year. Only half of that attends the in-person Giant Jamboree and has a chance to see the work of 300 other teams. Showcasing your projects via videos at a virtual or onsite event - makes iGEM accessible to everyone, everywhere. We want to celebrate the true international spirit in iGEM and enable multilingual videos and presentations. We want everyone to be able to join and participate equally.

Outreach Potential

Making project videos opens new communication and outreach potential for your team. You will be able to reach out to bigger audiences, promote your projects, and capture attention faster. iGEM is more than a competition and we want to invite other groups from governments, education, academia, industry, entrepreneurship, and local communities to participate, see the work you have done and support you in shaping synthetic biology.

2020 Video Deliverables and Examples

Deliverable: Project Promotion Video

Starting in 2020, all iGEM teams will create a Project Promotion Video. This video should be an introductory trailer to your project: the problem you are addressing, your solution, and its impact. It is your project's pitch. Best videos will be awarded by a group of special community judges and popular vote.

Deliverable: Team Presentation Video

iGEM Teams at the Virtual Giant Jamboree will showcase their project via a presentation video. Our new virtual format offers more flexibility. You are welcome to think outside of the box and creatively address the format and style of your presentation.

iGEM Examples

Many iGEM teams already impress us year to year with their videos. Take a look into our video library to get inspired by just some of the many past examples of: project videos, team videos, music parodies, presentations, and more.

Video Production 101

Stage #1: Pre-Production (Planning & Design)

Making a good video begins long before you start recording. What kind of steps do you need to plan? Have you thought about everything you might need? What do you want to achieve with your video?

Stage #2: Production (Filming & Audio)

Best filming practices. What kind of equipment and settings should you use? How to achieve good audio practices?

Stage #3: Post-Production (Editing)

You've filmed your video. It's time to sit through and edit the footage you created. This is an area already popularized in many communities. We summarized some of the info you can find useful.

Join the Committee

Are you passionate about videos or virtual events and you want to help bring this new reality to the iGEM Competition? We are always looking for new members to join our committee. We are all iGEM Alumni with previous experience as student members, instructors, advisors, or judges. Email us at video [AT] igem [DOT] org.

Team Survey

What are you looking for from our committee? How prepared are you to make iGEM Videos? We want to hear from you. Give us your feedback via this survey.

Meet the 2020 VRT Committee:

Nemanja Stijepovic

Director of Video and Technology at iGEM Headquarters, VRT Chair

iGEM Experience: Team UBonn HBRS 2017, 2018, European iGEM Ambassador 2019

Fabio Maschi

Software Developer at iGEM, VRT Co-chair

PhD Student at ETH Zurich

iGEM Experience: Team Paris Saclay 2014, Advisor in 2015 & 2016, Judge in 2016-2020

Dimitrios Michailidis

PhD Microbiology and Immunobiology at Sheffield University

iGEM Experience: Team Dundee 2014 2015, Team Sheffield Primary PI 2016/2017/2019, Judge 2017, 2019, 2020, Team Cyprus Secondary PI 2020

Marjolein Crooijmans

Education Assistant and Researcher at Leiden University

iGEM Experience: Team Leiden 2018, Advisor in 2019, Supervisor 2020, Judge 2019-2020

Maarten Lubbers

MSc Student at Leiden University

iGEM Experience: Team Leiden 2019, Supervisor 2020

Eleonora Shantsila

BSc Mathematics at University of St Andrews

iGEM Experience: Team St Andrews 2018, 2019, Advisor in 2020

Leandros Tsiotos

Graduate student of University of Thessaly

iGEM Experience: Team Thessaly 2019

Shrestha Rath

BSc-MSc Student at IISER Bhopal

iGEM Experience: Team IISER Bhopal 2018, After iGEM Communications Committee 2019, After iGEM Policy Committee 2020

Roderick Meyer

BSc Student at Florida State University

iGEM Experience: TTeam FSU 2019, Advisor 2020

Jake Wintermute

Research Fellow at CRI Paris

iGEM Experience: Team Paris Bettencourt Advisor 2013-2020, Judge

Vinoo Selvarajah

Director of the Registry at iGEM HQ

HQ Liaison at VRT Committee

Yasser Elbedewy

Bachelor Student at AFCM

iGEM Experience: Team AFCM Egypt 2018, 2019, 2020

Arya Agarwal

BSc-MSc Student at BITS Goa

Snehadri Sinha

PhD Student at University of Helsinki

iGEM Experience: Team Aalto Helsinki 2016

Paul Ross


Mohamed Osama

Student at AFCM

iGEM Experience: Team AFCM Egypt 2019, 2020


Contact us at: video [AT] igem [DOT] org