A new way to present posters

Posters have always been a great venue for casual project sharing at conferences. At virtual events however, the traditional way of designing posters is less than ideal for viewing on home computer or mobile device screens. New in 2020, iGEM teams will create an interactive poster using their assigned poster wiki page. Instead of scrolling around large PDF files, fellow attendees can now easily glance at the poster visuals, and simply click to explore poster sections in more detail.

Editing Your Poster Template

To help teams with creating this new type of poster, we have designed an easily customizable template under your team namespace. Editing the poster template is a similar process to editing other wiki pages in your namespace. You can find your poster template at:[YourTeamName]/Poster

Rules and Guidelines

Teams should take care to review poster rules, guidelines, expected poster sections before starting to design the poster. These rules, plus full documentation of how to use the poster template, can be found on the posters deliverable page:​

Poster Deadline

Poster pages will be frozen on November 10 at 11:59PM EST / 23:59 EST. No further edits will be permitted after the freeze.

Poster Walkthrough and Q&A

Description: Have questions about the poster template? Join HQ Reps Ana and Traci for a walkthrough of the new 2020 Poster Template, brief discussion of the new poster guidelines and rules, and Q&A session.

Direct Link: