Introducing our new Video Platform

Submission of Project Promotion Videos is officially closed. Submission instructions for Presentation Videos will be available soon.



Unlike many popular solutions, our platform is accessible from everywhere in the world and everyone in our community will be able to use it! It is also available in multiple languages.

User Accounts

In this beta version, you can create a new account for any of your team members and use it for uploading, watching, and interacting with the videos.

Uploading & Streaming

Teams can upload their project promotion videos and presentations through a user-friendly interface. You can watch any of the videos short after and stream iGEM-related sessions from events.


iGEMers are encouraged to like, share, subscribe, and comment on other videos. The trending page shows the most popular videos and you can embed videos on your wikis.

BETA VERSION: The first release of the platform is in Beta Version, and we are working on testing it out and preparing for your uploads. If you encounter any technical issues or have any suggestions, don't hesitate to email the VRT committee: video [AT] igem [DOT] org


Please avoid last-minute submission in case there any technical issues.

Due date: Friday, September 25th, 11:59 AM EDT (midday)

1. Reminder: Make sure your video follows all requirements

  • Size: Not larger than 500 MB
  • Length: Not longer than 2:00 minutes
  • Resolution: 1920x1080p
  • See the full list of requirements on the deliverables page:

2. Create an account on iGEM Video Universe

You can create multiple accounts for your team members, and you can upload your video from any of them as long as the title follows the naming template described below in Step 5.

Important: Your username must not contain the word "iGEM"

3. Go to Upload

You can choose to ''Upload a file'' or ''Import via URL''. Either option works and the platform will receive the original file. If you choose to import via URL, the platform will automatically add the title, description, and other details from your original URL - please make sure to update that according to the info provided below in Step 5.

4. Reminder: Multilingual audio

The project promotion video is required to be in English, but we encourage creating another version in your other language/s. You can submit multiple videos, but when uploading - you should note the language in the title.

5. Fill out all the details

You must follow these steps exactly. Please read it carefully.

  • Title: You must follow this naming template and change underlined parts:

    Team Name: Project Title (2020) - Project Promotion Video [English]

    Where: Team Name has to be your official name listed in the Team List (it should not contain the words ''Team'' or ''iGEM'').

    Project Title cannot be longer than 5 words.

  • Tags: You must insert all the following 3 tags and adjust for your team:

    #track #region #country

  • When adding tags, you have to hit enter after each one in order to register it as a single tag!
    You can add 2 more tags of your choosing (For example: #technique #topic #problem etc.)
  • Description: Please follow the format: Abstract, double space, Wiki Link, double space, video credits, double space, social media links (optional)

    Abstract: 50-75 words long description of your video/project.
    Wiki Link: **Insert link to your wiki here**
    Credits: *Insert credits for your video here. The format of credits is up to you. You should attribute everyone who contributed to the video, but also if you are using any Creative Commons material (images, video clips, music, etc) - please attribute the authors.*
    Other links (Optional): Insert your team's social media links here.

  • Category: ''Science & Technology''
  • License: ''Attribution''
  • Language:English (unless you are submitting an additional version of the video)
  • Privacy: Public
  • Contain sensitive content: No
  • Publish after transcoding: Yes
  • Advanced Settings: Feel free to add your own thumbnail (Video Preview).

6. Captions

Your video should also have a caption file. It should be in English, but we encourage you to translate in your other language/s. You should upload the captions as a separate file (They are not part of the video itself). Go to the Captions tab, the supported file extensions are: .vtt or .srt

Each language should be an individual caption file. Please don't submit multiple languages in the same file.

If the subtitles are not loading, wait a bit for it to update. Make sure you have Subtitles/Captions turned on in the video settings (on the gear icon)

You can validate your captions here: Live WebVTT Validator

7. Important: "Why is my video blocked?"

All videos are automatically blocked until the moderators review them. You will see a message that says your video is auto-blocked. This is only during the moderation process and it will be available shortly after we curated all the videos after the submission deadline. If you can see the video in your upload list, and you can watch it - everything worked.

8. Change Ownership: IMPORTANT!

Go to your videos tab, and select ''Change Ownership'' for your videos. Type in the channel to: ''igem2020_teams''. This is only to have all the videos appearing on one channel, and avoid future changes. There won't be a notification about the request but we will make all videos public a few days after the submission deadline. This step is crucial in getting your video to us - don't forget to do it!

Congratulations! Your video is uploaded and will be available for sharing, commenting, and liking a few days after the submission deadline.

For any technical issues during the submission process:

Contact us at: video [AT] igem [DOT] org