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iGEM 2020 Global Meetup

iGEM is hosting the first ever global meetup for all teams to connect, collaborate and celebrate! This year, we can't meet each other in person, but we want you to have an amazing iGEM experience and still meet other teams! After the Opening Weekend Festival, this meetup will go further by exploring more interactive platforms and ways of virtual networking.

The Global Meetup starts in:

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August 20-21 (Thursday-Friday)

Join us and participate in panels, workshops, and interactive sessions, designed for you by: iGEM teams, your iGEM Ambassadors, and After iGEM. The meetup will be a 2-day event spread across multiple time zones. Check out the lineup below, we will be releasing the full schedule soon.

Submit your Team Spirit Poster!

Due date: August 18, 11:59 PM EDT

To celebrate the diversity of our iGEM Community, we are organizing the Team Spirit poster session. This will be no ordinary poster session! The posters won't be about projects, but about you. Think outside the box and bring a poster introducing your team in your own style. Let your stories connect you with iGEMers from all over the world! Register for a new poster experience here! Poster submission is due August 18th.


Global Welcome Ceremony

Thursday: 9-11 AM EDT

Regional Celebration

There are iGEM Teams all over the world! We want to showcase the diversity of our community by hosting regional and global celebrations.

Live Check-in from Teams & Ambassadors

A global introduction to local and regional teams by the Ambassadors. Join the ceremony live and introduce your team!

Keynote Session

Special panel session on sustainability, iGEM and synthetic biology's role.

Competition Topics

Thursday & Friday: TBD

Committee Fair

This virtual fair will be a place to chat with iGEM Committees, ask questions about: Human Practices, Safety, Video Technology, Diversity, Measurement, and more.

Deliverables Q&A

Have you started building your wiki? What about presentation video? Join some of the Alumni sessions on tips on wiki design, and video making.

Discussion Clubs

Pre-organized Networking sessions around Competition topics. Discuss with other teams and share advice on any area in the competition.

Meet the Teams

Thursday & Friday: TBD

Team Spirit: Poster Session

Poster sessions are a must for every meetup, but we will try something new! Instead of the usual project posters, bring a poster introducing your team members in any way you want, share your local stories!

Matchmaking / Networking

Randomized and scheduled meetings with other iGEMers.

Pitch your Collaboration!

Are you doing a collaboration this year? Have you posted about it here? In this session, you will have 3 minutes to pitch your idea or update to other teams.

Cross-Regional Activities

Thursday & Friday: TBD

Workshops by iGEM Teams

Talk about the topics important to your team. Share your skills in workshops organized by you - for other teams. Due date for workshop submission is August 7. Submit in the apply link above.

iGEM Gaming

We are trying out different gaming platforms. Do you have more ideas for a fun way to deal with Zoom Fatigue?

Powerpoint Karaoke

Present PowerPoint slides. The catch is: you don’t know what’s going to be on the slide!

Pub Quiz & Gamenight

Compete with other participants in a session of pub quiz and other gamenight activities.

Scavenger Hunt

There will be hidden clues everywhere. Track them down, gather points, and win some secret prizes.

Social Media Challenges

This year teams have been more active than ever on Social Media. More information on meetup challenges coming soon.

Summer/Winter End Party

Friday: TBD

Celebrating the end of the meetup and the summer (or winter) season! More information coming soon.

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