Changes to Judging

We know that many of your schools are closed and that you cannot access your labs right now, and we know this problem will most likely continue for a long time this year. This will obviously impact the type of work you do this year and many of you may be worried about how you can achieve a medal or special prize. We want you to know that we’re listening and we’re excited to find new ways to celebrate your achievements.

Competition Deliverables

The competition deliverables that are judged will be very similar to previous years. Teams will still be evaluated on the following items:

  • Project inspiration and description
  • Attributions
  • Wiki (with the usual Wiki Freeze!)
  • Poster

Teams will be evaluated on their videos, which are new deliverables for 2020:

  • New: Team Presentation Videos
  • New: Project Promotion Video

Medal Criteria

Due to COVID-19, we understand that many campuses and laboratories are closed. We have updated the medal criteria to be open and flexible, and therefore more appropriate for this year. Teams can achieve a Bronze, Silver, or Gold medal without doing laboratory work. We have also added new ways for teams to show excellence in their work for the Gold medal.

If your team has access to the laboratory this year, you can still submit your laboratory work for medal criteria.

Please see the 2020 Medal Criteria here:

Awards and Special Prizes

Teams can compete for various awards on top of the medals. These awards include the Grand Prize, Track Awards, and Special Prizes. New awards for iGEM 2020 include: Inclusivity Award, Best Sustainable Development Impact, and Best Project Promotion Video Prize.

See more details about the iGEM 2020 Awards here: