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Thank you for joining us for the first ever iGEM Virtual Giant Jamboree!

Events are now over!! Congratulations to all teams for a job well done during a particularly challenging year!

Visit for a wrap-up of the 2020 Competition season.

Team Projects

Relive The Virtual Giant Jamboree

Opening Ceremony (Nov 13)

Contribution Day (Nov 21) Conclusions

Keynote: Reshma Shetty

Keynote: Aline S. Romão-Dumaresq

Keynote: Paul Freemont

Keynote: Elena Rosca

Keynote: Otim Geoffrey

Keynote: Janet Standeven

Want to see more?

See the Virtual Giant Jamboree channel on the iGEM Video Universe:

The Closing and Awards Ceremony video will be available soon

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Individual Registration is now open through Eventbrite! All attendees, including team members, should register through Eventbrite to get access to the "My iGEM" Platform and App, and to sign media release agreements for the event.

#2 APP

We built an app for the Virtual Giant Jamboree! It is called ''My iGEM'' and features all the Jamboree activities. You can interact with attendees, make a personalized schedule, visit exhibitor booths, create meetings, and join over 350 Jamboree sessions! Download the app to get started! Don’t have access to the My iGEM app? Register for your free event pass on Eventbrite!


For the first time ever, you can watch a teaser of each iGEM 2020 team! Check out what they have done this year in their 2-minute Project Promotion Videos. To see their full results, watch their 20-minute Team Presentation videos, ready to watch NOW on our ''iGEM Video Universe'' Platform. Prepare yourself for 3 days of Competition by binging on all the amazing work of 2020 iGEMers!


We adapted posters to a new format! Virtual Wiki Posters are hosted on the iGEM Wikis, but the poster sessions will be held on a special platform - Remo. Did you miss the #iGEM2020 poster sessions? We reopened them - you can find some Graffiti Boards in each building for some fun! Check out the buildings today - Friday (open 05:15-13:15 EST).


Exhibitor booths in the poster buildings are now closed, please visit sponsors at their booths in the My iGEM app for the remainder of the event!

Watch Remo walk through:


Apart from streamed events via the ''My iGEM'' app - we will also have many interactive Zoom sessions for workshops, breakouts, judging sessions, discussions, and more.

To be prepared, make sure to download the Zoom app:

#6 iGEM From Above

Every year, we celebrate the end of the Jamboree with one giant, crowded group photo! iGEM From Above represents the growth of our community from just a few people in 2004 to thousands of iGEMers in 2019.

Join us in trying something new! We will create a giant animated collage from your photos. It will feature: iGEMers, Judges, HQ, Committees, iGEM Alumni, Volunteers, Commentators, Hosts, and everyone who is taking part in this Jamboree.

We need your help in achieving this. To complete your Jamboree experience, please send us your photo by: Sunday, November 15th 11:59 PM / 23:59 EST (midnight)

Schedule Overview

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Avoid 'Zoom' fatigue - The schedule overview above is designed to help you navigate the 350+ sessions throughout the 10 days of events. The breakdowns of events into regions is only a suggestion - you are welcome to attend any sessions at any time, at your leisure!

Congratulations to all iGEM teams!

See the Complete Results below:



With thanks to our sponsors! Check out these sponsor sessions coming up during #iGEMCommunityWeek, and bookmark them in the My iGEM App

The evolution of synthetic biology: a fireside chat with IDT experts

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT)

In the last few decades, synthetic biology has emerged making great strides in genomics, understanding evolution, and systems biology. In this workshop, join IDT’s Director of Innovation Adam Clore and Director of Business Development Tom Speedy as they discuss the progress of synthetic biology, where it is today, and what sustainable biological solutions continue to emerge and impact our lives.

Tuesday, November 17 3:15PM EST

Improved methods for CRISPR HDR using Alt-R modified dsDNA donors and Alt-R HDR Enhancer

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT)

CRISPR-based homology-directed repair (HDR) is an invaluable tool for researchers looking to make precise, specific mutations in a genomic region of interest. Unfortunately, HDR is a challenge for many as efficiency is often low. HDR repair outcomes with CRISPR/Cas systems are most efficient with single-stranded DNA templates when small insertions, deletions, or SNP changes are desired edits. Here, we present work demonstrating that improved efficiency in HDR rates for large insertions is obtained. Learn how IDT’s Alt-R modified dsDNA donor templates and the Alt-R HDR Enhancer V2 allows researchers to maximize HDR rates for their large knock-in experiments.

Wednesday, November 18 2:00PM EST

Ginkgo Bioworks Challenge: How to make biology easier to engineer?

Ginkgo Bioworks

Biology is the best manufacturing platform on the planet. But engineering living cells is hard—evolution is four billion years ahead of us. We want to hear from you: How can we make biology easier to engineer? Submit your team’s idea and selected teams will pitch to a panel of Ginkgo Bioworks judges (and SynBio rockstars!): Christina Agapakis, Patrick Boyle, and Tom Knight! Impress the judges and the audience to win Ginkgo’s prize: DNA synthesis as Twist plasmids and Ginkgo mentorship to make your idea a reality. Join us, and let’s make biology easier and funnier to engineer together. Apply here by November 16, 23:59 EST:

Wednesday, November 18 11:00AM EST

Designing with Biology: Fireside Chat with Ginkgo’s Creative Team

Ginkgo Bioworks

What if we could grow everything? What does designing with biology really mean? In this talk, Grace Chuang from Ginkgo’s Creative Team shares how navigating the intersections of art, science, society, and identity can help us to envision the future of synthetic biology, and how you can be a part of it too.

Thursday, November 19 2:00PM EST

CRISPR: a powerful, yet accessible gene editing tool for any research application


Join us in listening to James Chon, Field Application Scientist at GenScript, about how CRISPR can benefit your research and some of its cutting-edge applications.

Tuesday, November 17 3:15PM EST

Interview Reunion


Join us as we reunite with our Interviewed teams for a Trivia Night! We will be hosting a GenScript/MolecularCloud Interview Reunion. Our interviewees will join us once again to play some Trivia and catch up with the teams!

Wednesday, November 18 3:15PM EST

Exploring the COVID-19 genome and PCR diagnostics with Benchling


Benchling is a data-management platform built to help scientists design sequences, record notes and datasets, and collaborate on experiments. Rather than spend time using different software tools, paper notebooks, or spreadsheets, iGEMmers using Benchling can spend time focusing on what they care about: synthetic biology. In this interactive workshop,we will introduce how to use Benchling through a fun guided activity exploring the COVID-19 genome and visualize how PCR is used to detect the virus. Attendees can enter into a raffle afterwards to win a Benchling t-shirt!

Tuesday, November 17 2:00PM EST

How iGEM teams are using SnapGene and Geneious

SnapGene | Geneious

Join us as we introduce you to SnapGene and Geneious’s core features and how other iGEM teams are using them to create successful experiments. In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate the best ways to plan, visualize and document molecular biology procedures with SnapGene and unlock the value of your sequence data with Geneious.

Tuesday, November 17 9:00AM EST
re-stream Wednesday, November 18 10:00AM EST

Informatics tools and NEB enzymes to enable one-pot Golden Gate Assemblies of unprecedented complexity​

New England Biolabs (NEB)

Accelerate your Design-Build-Test cycle with Golden Gate Assembly (GGA) reagents and informatics design tools from NEB! Recent advances in understanding the fidelity, bias, and efficiency of fragment assembly in GGA now allow for assemblies of unprecedented complexity and target size in one pot – over 50 fragments, with assemblies of up to 40kB demonstrated. Data-optimized Assembly Design (DAD) using informatics tools with NEB enzymes, kits and workflows allow rapid and accurate production of large targets from many fragments with minimal screening of products required. Join NEB scientists for a discussion of the latest innovations in DNA assembly.

Thursday, November 19 10:30AM EST
re-stream Friday, November 20 2:00PM EST

Long term lab sustainability in science with My Green Lab


Lab sustainability is increasingly important to the scientific community and iGEMers. Join Promega Corporation as we welcome Ritika Singh from our partner My Green Lab to talk about lab sustainbility, My Green Lab product and lab certification programs and challenge contests, and the new My Green Lab Ambassador program. Bring your sustainbility questions and be ready for an energetic discussion.

Tuesday, November 17 10:00AM EST
Thursday, November 19 3:00PM EST

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