Judging Resources

On this page you will find information on: Judging Videos, FAQ and Quick Links, Judging at the Virtual Giant Jamboree, and Platforms You Will Need.

Judging Videos

We have provided three (3) videos for our judges, but they are posted here so anyone can also view them.

Video 1: Introduction to Judging

Video 2: Judging Expectations

Video 3: Changes to Judging

FAQ and Quick Links

The questions and links below are meant to help judges quickly find the information they may be looking for during the Jamboree.

How do I access my Judge Dashboard to see my judging assignment?

Please login to your iGEM account and then click on the Judge List. Click on your name to access your Judge Dashboard.

Please note: Only judges and reserve judges can access this page. If you were selected to judge but cannot access this link, please make sure you are logged into the account you used to fill out your Judge Application. If you are logged in correctly and you still cannot access this page, please email us at hq [AT] igem [DOT] org and we will help you.

Where can I find the Judging Handbook?

Here is the Judging Handbook.

Judges must read Chapters 1-3 of the Handbook prior to beginning their judge assignments. Chapters 4-5 are meant to be used as a reference book.

Where can I see this year's Medal criteria?

Here is the Medals page. This information is also found in the Judging Handbook in Chapter 3.

Where do I find the judging session and poster session times for the teams I’m assigned to judge?

Here is the full Giant Jamboree Schedule. You can also access the schedule on the Swapcard website. You can find the teams you are judging in the schedule.

Judging at the Virtual Giant Jamboree

The Virtual Giant Jamboree will impact the way teams and judges interact with one another. The judging portion of the Jamboree will take place during the Competition days: November 14-16, 2020.

Please see the information on the Competition Schedule (Nov 14-16) for details about the Judging Sessions and the poster session schedule.


This year, the Finalists will be announced on Thursday, November 19, at 09:00 AM EST. Judges should tune in through the My iGEM (Swapcard) platform to see the finalists announcement!

Judges will be expected to watch all of the Finalists video presentations and review the team wikis before the Final Judging Meeting on Saturday, November 21st. More details about that meeting will be sent directly to the judges on Thursday, November 19, following the finalists announcement.

Platforms You Will Need

Throughout the Competition days, judges will be utilizing various web-based platforms to meet with teams and with fellow judges, and to participate in the Jamboree as a whole outside of judging responsibilities.


For Slack, judges will receive an invitation link to join the private 2020 Judging Slack. Please contact us at hq [AT] igem [DOT] org if you missed the email or if you have any problems joining.


We will be using Remo for the poster sessions and for the private Judges’ Room. More details on the Jamboree schedule along with instructions for joining these sessions will be available soon!


We will be using Zoom for the judging sessions between teams and judges. More details on the Jamboree schedule along with instructions for joining these sessions will be available soon!

My iGEM (Swapcard)

We will use the My iGEM app (run through Swapcard) to link everyone together throughout the event and will be used throughout the entire 9-day Virtual Giant Jamboree. More information about My iGEM will be available soon!

iGEM Video Universe

This year, teams created Project Promotion Videos (available now) and Team Presentation Videos (due October 30). You can watch these videos on our new iGEM Video Universe platform here: https://video.igem.org/.