Giant Jamboree/iGEM From Above

An exceptional year needs an exceptional

iGEM From Above

We need you!

(the banner image above is only a mockup)

Every year, we celebrate the end of the Jamboree with one giant, crowded group photo! iGEM From Above represents the growth of our community from just a few people in 2004 to thousands of iGEMers in 2019. This is an important tradition to iGEM. Obviously, this year had to be special - we needed a creative way to reimagine iGEM From Above, and show all of 2020 iGEM Community in one global animation!

Join us in trying something new! We will create a giant animated hexagonal collage from your photos. It will feature: iGEMers, Judges, HQ, Committees, iGEM Alumni, Volunteers, Commentators, Hosts, and everyone who is taking part in this Jamboree.

We need your help in achieving this. To complete your Jamboree experience, please send us your photo by:

Sunday, November 15th 11:59 PM / 23:59 EST (midnight)

What do we need from you?

  1. Photo (.png) of every team member with a removed background.

How can you participate in the Virtual iGEM From Above?

  1. Go to Photo Background Remover
    (direct URL:
  2. Upload your photo and the website will remove the background, then download your edited photo
  3. Send us your photo or batch of team photos via the form below:

The photo submission is now closed

Be part of the Jamboree Opening Ceremony - Share your greetings via iGEM Cheers!

You are part of a global and diverse community that shares the iGEM experience together! Say hello to fellow 2020 iGEMers - share your message in your own language. We came up with iGEM Cheers as a way to let each iGEMer introduce themselves to the world.

iGEM Cheers are short video clips which you can upload, edit, trim, add emojis, filters, and effects. We will play a compilation of these during the big Jamboree Opening Ceremony! If you want the chance to be in the Opening Ceremony, please submit your clip by November 9th, 23:59 EST.

How can you participate in iGEM Cheers?

  1. Go to: or below -
  2. Click on “Enter Your Guest Password” and enter: iGEM2020
  3. Record a response, enter your name, and add your Team Name (or organization) and location (country) in the “Title” box, and hit send!