Team Collaborations

The Medal Requirements now include team collaborations as a silver or gold medal requirements. To help facilitate collaborations, we have made this page so teams can share information about ways they wish to collaborate to reach all of the 2020 iGEM teams.

Please note that this is a page for teams to advertise their collaboration requests. This does not guarantee that participating in one of these will fulfill the silver medal criteria. It is still up to you and your teammates to convince the judges that you have participated in a meaningful collaboration as stated on the Medal Requirements page.

Do you want to submit a Collaboration Request?

Please send:

  • Name of Collaboration Request
  • Your Team Name
  • Your Team Location (Institution and Country)
  • Your contact information - Contact Name and Email (to be posted online)
  • Brief Collaboration Request description. This can be something that you can offer other teams or something that you are looking for from another team(s).

Email: hq AT igem DOT org .

Collaboration List


Team Warwick
Lessons in a box


Team SYSU-Sofware
Software Survey: Maloadis


Team Heidelberg
Lab Switch Programme


Team UGent Belgium
Cloud seeding survey


Team IISER Bhopal
Diabetes Awareness Survey


Team Rochester
Biomarker Database


Throwing Mask Properly


Teams IISER Berhampur and CCU Taiwan
Global Dengue Survey Form


Team Thessaly
IBD around us


Team AFCM-Egypt


Thank Your Mentor


SDGs from Home




Team Nantes
Art exhibition


Team Worldshaper Nanjing
Looking for a collaboration team!


Team IISER Berhampur


Teams CSMU_Taiwan & NCKU_Tainan
I've gotta PhD


Team Austin_UTexas
Computational Modeling


Team NCKU Tainan
Fill out a survey


Team Estonia TUIT
Before and After iGEM


Team Estonia TUIT
Lab Slang


Team Estonia TUIT
Guess the Synbio


Team UUlm
iGEM Explore


Team MSP-Maastricht
Treasure hunt


Team MSP-Maastricht
Journal initiative


Team IISER_Bhopal
The Sound of iGEM


Team Stony Brook


Team Concordia-Montreal
Yeast in Space


Team Rochester
Science As Art (SAA)


Team Queen's Genetic Engineered Machine (QGEM)
Biosensor Working Group


Team Technion-Israel
Please take a survey


Team BGU-Israel
Filling a Survey


Team IISER Bhopal
The Sugar Rush Challenge


Team Duesseldorf
Postcard project

External Collaborations

JOGL is a platform where users can launch their projects and collaborate with other iGEM teams to solve problems that address the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by pushing the boundaries of synthetic biology. Learn more at

Sign up on JOGL by September 25!

Social Media
Working Group
66. Effect of the pandemic on diagnostics


Hello friends!
We're working on a report, summarizing the effect of the pandemic on the cancer patient screening and we have interviewed the professors at our university to confirm our concerns. We need YOUR help to get insight into how patient screening was affected in your country/area. Please submit any information on potential problems and propose any possible solutions at
Looking forward to collaborating with you!

65. Lessons in a box


Hi teams! We're creating a series of lesson for high school students to expand their knowledge outside the curriculum and we want to hear about what tools did YOU use in your project to show the diversity of synthetic biology applications.
To take part in the collaboration, you just need to send us the answers to the following questions to our instagram (@igem_warwick) or to our google doc ( )

  1. What problem have you decided to tackle and why do you think it's important?
  2. What synbio tool are you using and what was the reasoning behind it?
  3. What impact are you expecting your project to have?

We're looking forward to hearing from you soon!

64. Smile - Keep Your Spirits High


The recent chaos of the COVID-19 Pandemic has disrupted the living and working conditions of people worldwide. Everyone is locked inside their houses, waiting for the havoc to come to a halt. As a result, people are losing their mental peace and are anxious to start their routine work as soon as possible.

The continually increasing number of coronavirus cases is getting unsettling, making it impossible for people to keep calm. Team IIT Roorkee believes that ‘Smile’ brings happiness, and vibes of positivity are spread in the air. After analyzing the situation, we are here with a collaboration for fellow iGEM teams to come forward and contribute to our cause, where we want to bring a smile to people’s faces.

All you have to do is make a minute-long video (max. 2 minutes) expressing your way of staying positive in these challenging times.


  • Stick to the time limit.
  • Wear comfortable and vibrant colors to show happiness and positivity.
  • Record your video in horizontal mode with a lovely morning background.
  • If you choose to speak in your native language, do provide the English subtitles along with it.
  • Submit your videos at igem[AT]iitr[DOT]ac[DOT]in

Let’s spread happiness and love!
We would love to see your videos and hope you enjoy working in this collaboration.

63. Cookbook of Fish Recipes


Hello iGEM folks,
This year, for our project we are welcoming collaborations for our cookbook. This cookbook will center on the recipes of dishes that are focused around fish. Methylmercury (MeHg) is the one of the most prevalent neurotoxic substance present in seafoods and by showcasing these recipes we want to spread awareness about the same. This will also help in explaining the significance of our project.

Entry Instructions:

  1. Pick a recipe from your country that has fish as the main ingredient
  2. The recipe should feature fish/seafood with MeHg content - For Example: Seabass, Kingfish Mackerel, Marlin, Swordfish, Tuna, Blue Bass, Salmon, Mahi Mahi, etc.
  3. Write a paragraph explaining the cultural significance of this dish or fish you have selected.
  4. Post a picture of your dish. (If the picture includes your team then it would be even better)
  5. Send us this info to the following mail: manipalbiomachines[DOT]igem[AT]gmail[DOT]com

All the entries will be assembled into our cookbook and it will be displayed on our Teams wiki! Be a part of our journey of appreciating the impact of seafood on our diet.

62. BioSQUAD survey collaboration


Dear fellow iGEM teams,

Greetings from iGEM National Tsing Hua University: BioSQUAD -- "BIOS"ynthesis "QUA"tum "D"ots!! As our team name shows, our project mainly focus on building a device that can collect cadmium ions from polluted water, and remade them into quantum dots.

To better understand the market potential of our product, as well as the current state of heavy metal water pollution in all countries, BioSQUAD would like to invite all iGEM fellows to fill out this survey:

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the survey or our project!
Wish you best of luck in the upcoming iGEM event!
Thank you!!

61. Software Troubleshooting and/or CRISPR collaboration
Working Group


Hi iGEMers,
Our team has created an improved algorithm to predict CRISPR-Cas9 guide RNA efficacy. Now that we've created our algorithm, we're looking for people who can troubleshoot our project or test it. If your team is using CRISPR, you can also try using our algorithm to predict your guide RNAs. We are also interested in helping out any team that needs software analysis or needs scientific expertise.

Ways you can help us - Analyse our code/software, test our CRISPR designs
Ways we can help you - Analyse your code/software, provide interview with a CRISPR and biotechnology expert

60. Software Survey - Maloadis


Hey iGEMers: Hope this mail finds you in good health during this unprecedented time of Coronavirus pandemic. We are an undergraduate team from Sun Yat-sen University, situated in Guangzhou, South of China. We are a 2020 registered software track iGEM Team (team name SYSU-Software) consisting members from Life Sciences, Mathematics, and Computer Sciences majors.
This year we create a software called Maloadis (Machine Learning based Machine Learning based Optimization and automated Design Platform with Image Search), an integrated automated genetic circuit design platform. We aim to help synthetic biologists design automatically and carry out their research efficiently. Our software can:

  • implement automated top-down design with GeneNet algorithm
  • design possible genetic circuits according to users’ requirements
  • exploits the abundant information provided by genetic circuit images by extracting parts and structures from them to search for related previous work through trained neuro network
  • predicts gene expression level with integrated models
  • offers suggestions to improve success rate in wet-lab experiment and shorten experiment cycle using Bayesian Optimization algorithm.

Our goal is to facilitate synthetic biology standardization, engineering design, and design automation. Therefore, your ideas, needs, questions, and suggestions are vital to us. We want to hear different voices in the iGEM community to help us improve our software design. We would really appreciate it if you can take 10-15 minites of your time and help us fill out a survey questionnaire. The survey link is below:

Moreover, we are also looking for collaboration partners to help us test our beta version software. We can provide you algorithm or model assistance in genetic circuit design, and your advice on our software will be essential to our software development.
Your work will be part of the collaboration project on our wiki and you can also record our collaboration process on your presentation materials, so don't hesitate to be the first users of our software!
If you are willing to collaborate with us, please do reply to this email or contact us.
contact us at: sysu_software20[AT]163[DOT]com or Yuezeng0073[AT]gmail[DOT]com
Join us and let's collaborate!

59. International iGEM Cookbook


Calling all iGEMers!
As part of our iGEM 2020 collaboration we want to create an international iGEM Cookbook. For this collaboration, we want to highlight global foods and the role genetic engineering has played in food crops. Our goal is to compile a global cookbook of your team’s favorite recipe that could be made with GMO ingredients!
Entry instructions:

  1. Choose a recipe from your country that uses at least two ingredients that have genetically modified versions around the world.
  2. Write a short paragraph explaining why your team has chosen this dish, and some background explaining the GM ingredients.
  3. Take a picture of your dish (with your team is even better)
  4. Fill out the Forms page with this info.

We will compile the entries and publish the 2020 iGEM cookbook on our Teams wiki! We will also share a copy of the cookbook with all the participating teams. Join us in spreading the love of food and the impact of genetic modification on agriculture.

Link to form:

58. Survey to assess consumption of lipid-based products


Lipids are important in our everyday life, however, often we forget about their role. Since this year our team is working on GMO yeast cells producing lipids, we want to get public feedback on the importance and consumption frequency of products containing lipids. This is literally a simple 2-min survey to help us visualize the realization of our final product.
See the link below: In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us on Instagram (@igemestonia) of Facebook (Estonia iGEM).

57. Translating a Children's Book
Working Group


We have created a children's coloring book we would love to be translated into other languages so we can distribute the book to children across the world!

56. Lab Switch Programme
Working Group


Hello fellow iGEMers!

Covid-19 has taken a toll on most iGEM Teams. Yet, some teams, like us, were luckier than others and were still able to gain access to a laboratory. Now, we want to help other teams that were not as lucky to still conduct some of their experiments and therefore developed the Lab Switch programme, in which Teams with access to a laboratory can help teams that are not able to conduct wet lab experiments.

How does it work?
Access-Teams can register and fill up a profile containing information about their laboratory equipment and the time they are willing to offer another Team. No Access-Teams can request help and are then matched to an Access-Team. The teams can then take up contact and discuss the specifics of their potential collaboration.

Follow this link to the survey and profit from an amazing collaboration:

Kind regards,
iGEM Team Heidelberg

55. Cloud seeding survey


Hello fellow iGEMers!
Our team is working on a biological alternative for cloud seeding, a method that can induce rain in targeted clouds. For our human practices, we made surveys to evaluate the opinions of possible stakeholders on the use of cloud seeding. We made a survey for farmers, and one for experts and professors in meteorology, politics, climate, etc.

If you could help distributing these surveys to farmers or experts, this would be very much appreciated. Below you can find the links of the surveys for farmers and experts respectively.

Feel free to send us a mail if you have more questions. Thanks in advance!

54. Quick code review (programming skills not required) and/or review of your lab plan, experiments and results
Working Group


Hello iGEM'ers we have written a bit of code for a model on fish schooling and would like some feedback on its readability and understand-ability to hopefully make it useful for future modelling. All kinds of feedback would be great, including structure and alternative methods, but this is not required. Programming knowledge is not that important since we want the code to be understandable by anybody.

We would also be happy to do a review for you.

We can also review your lab plan, experiments and results. We do not have access to a lab and therefor only have a lab plan.

Kind regards

53. Diabetes Awareness Survey


Greetings, fellow iGEMer!

This year our iGEM project is focused on creating a cheap, non-invasive treatment for Diabetes patients.

We have launched a survey to collect the data about diabetes and usage of insulin injections by patients.

Please fill this survey if you are a diabetes patient, know any diabetes patients in your close circle and or just circulate it with among your friends and families!

Link for the survey form:

Direct Link:


52. Biomarker Database
Working Group


Hello from the University of Rochester iGEM team again!

We want to create a biomarker database for iGEM to provide an easy and free way to search biomarkers for disease and see which teams are working with which specific biomarker. If you are looking into any diseases, illnesses, or medical conditions and would like to participate, we included an example entry below as well as a blank spreadsheet.
Example entry:
Blank spreadsheet:

Email us your spreadsheet at uofr.igem AT gmail DOT com with the following information:

name of your team
your affiliated college
the condition you are researching.

Thank you!

51. Throwing Mask Properly
Social Media


Hello everyone! We are NCTU_FORMOSA iGEM 2020 in Taiwan. We launched an activity on IG. Please participate in our event. Thank you for considering our request!

The activity link:

50. Graphic design collaboration


Do you know how to make a quite a sight graphic for your team poster or presentation? No? Here is your chance. Our graphic designer will teach you how you can design a poster in illustrator program and amaze everyone. Don t miss it! It would be a useful collaboration! In the end of the collaboration all teams will have a worth post for their social media accounts. Feel free to contact us, if you want to participate.

49. CCA iGEM Human Practices Survey


Hi! We would like to request that other teams take our survey on awareness of the issue that we are trying to solve revolving around pesticides.

Direct Link:

48. New iGEM Virtual Resource Hub
Working Group

Description: Hello fellow iGEMers,

We hope you are safe and well!

We are thrilled to share with you our efforts to build a virtual resource hub on the main iGEM page. We could really use your input on the resources that have helped you to adapt to a virtual iGEM experience. Our intent is that having an open-source page sharing resources from teams around the world could help us all! Please help us build the website out by giving your input at the link below! We appreciate your support!

Direct Link:


Virginia iGEM

47. Biosensor Manual for iGEM teams
Working Group

Description: It would be nice to make a short guide for the next generation of iGEM teams on the themes related to detection, sensing and biosensors. Everyone could contribute to this manual and even small contributions matter.

The aim is to make a collaborative manual that stylistically is a halfway between Wikipedia and Wikihow covering both theory and practice.

The manual will provide best practices, guidelines, case studies and useful tips for future and current iGEM teams and iGEMers that detect micro/macro molecules, design detection systems or create test kits.

You can directly edit the manual online!

Direct Link:

For more updates, you can also check the additional links:
JOGL project:
JOGL group:
FB private group:

46. Carbon consumption and emission survey

Description: Hello everyone! We are NCTU_FORMOSA iGEM 2020 in Taiwan. Please fill out this survey! It can help us make progress in project. Thank you for considering our request!

The survey link:

Direct Link:

45. Global Dengue Survey Form

Description: iGEM IISER Berhampur Team is working on to find a therapeutic for Dengue and CCU iGEM Team is working on Dengue to create a cheap diagnostic kit.

We both teams are trying to make our project meaningful to the society at large and thus create awareness about Dengue incidence and prevention. For the same we want to collect as much data as we can for the spread and cause and other factors related to dengue.

The survey form is attached below GO AHEAD AND FILL THE FORM:

Direct Link:

Your team would be acknowledged in our wikipage for contributing to our survey. Let us know when Team is done with the survey. Thanks:)

44. IBD around us

Description: Hey, fellow iGEMer!
Hello, iGEMers of the world! Our team created a collaboration questionnaire about our project "IBD =inflammatory bowel disease"
We want to create a numeric map that includes people from all the iGEM cities that suffer from IBD. In this Google form, you'll find a question that asks if any of your team's members suffer from IBD, you are free to ignore the question and not answer it if you don't feel comfortable sharing that kind of information. We understand that a lot of people hide their condition for various reasons. Nevertheless, we encourage you to answer all questions and show that IBD patients are not afraid to step up and be heard!

Direct Link:

The form will be open until the 30th of September and each team should complete only one form. Thank you for your time! - iGEM Thessaly, Greece

43. Global SynBio Magazine Collab for Schools

Description: Hey, fellow iGEMer!
Do you want to speak with students from all over the World?
We are creating a Multilingual SynBio eMagazine For School Students Across The Globe. To contribute to this magazine, your team must pledge to share the magazine with at least one school in your local region/country. The objective of this collaboration is to raise awareness about the global impact of Synthetic Biology. The world needs synthetic biology more than ever before and as iGEMers, it's time we pledge ourselves to the cause of SynBio Awareness.

Join us in creating iGEM's largest collection of SynBio Stories for students across the Globe! (PS: This will also serve as a Sci Comm Collab :P)
We're including 3 language options for articles/videos/podcasts :
1. English
2. Native language with visuals/comic strips explaining the concepts.
3.Brief in a native language and the rest of the material is in English.
If it's not content, send it anyway! We'd love to receive crossword, art, synbio fan fiction etc The more the merrier.😉

Here's a link for submissions to the Magazine-
Want to join our Editorial Team? Here's a link -


Description:Hello dear iGEMers, This year Egypt's AFCM iGEM team aims to provide breast cancer patients with better opportunities and solutions. We are hoping to send an inspirational message to all our patients through this platform!! Gladly we invite you to help us put smiles on the faces of breast cancer patients. The collaboration is mainly a message sent to our patients through a video compilation that will be made from the videos and motivations other teams are going to share.
For participation check out the illustrated guidelines:

  • 10-15 seconds talk by one or more team members as encouragement or support for breast cancer fighters.
  • The videos shall be taped in an outdoor landscape.
  • We would love it if you record the videos in your native language, if you choose to do so, please provide us with a written English translation for the subtitles.
  • Do not forget that pink is the distinctive color for breast cancer!!
  • Make sure that the sound is clear
  • Send us your video via email: igem.afcm [AT] gmail [DOT] com

Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries
We can't wait to watch your videos!!
Warm regards,

41. Thank Your Mentor

Description: AUC-EGYPT is inviting you for a new collaboration. It emerged from one of the lessons we got through the quarantine. We all started to understand the importance of human relationships and started to have more time to spend it with our families, friends, and neighbors. These feelings heightened our gratitude for our social circles and for the daily routines we used to have. And because gratitude is shown in actions, we are inviting you to our “Thank Your Mentor” initiative. To participate, send us a photo with your mentor and as a caption write a Thank you note to him/her, highlighting the mentor name and field of research. You can also mention one of his quotes/advice that guided you or a scientific piece of info that changed your whole project to a better one. In the end, these photos will be collaged into a big poster.

We would love to hear your stories and see your photos. Feel free to share your photos on social media with the hashtags #Thank_Your_Mentor and #IGEM_AUC_EGYPT. If you are interested in joining our collaboration, please contact us via E-mail (rana_salah [AT] aucegypt [DOT] edu)

40. SDGs from Home

Description: We are AUC-EGYPT, and if you are wondering, yes, a new Egyptian team is planning exciting collaborations with you, INNOVATORS. 2020 has not been the perfect year, but as optimists, it made us rethink a lot of things, didn’t it?

We believe in the power of a single person in solving our world’s major challenges. Are you thinking of what we’re thinking? That’s right, SUSTAINABILITY. iGEMers have always had a great impact on Sustainable Development and it’s the time to expand this impact from iGEM to the world. We are planning to create an album featuring iGEMers’ contributions in achieving SDGs. We are not looking for the big projects, but the small things showing that everyone can participate from their HOMES in the SDGs.

Share with us a photo of you with an alternative tool, activity or daily routine that you perform to show your support to one of the SDGs. Short messages on the photos are allowed, different languages are welcome, and showing your creativity in standing for the SDGs is highly encouraged. Along with the photo, send a caption that states “In my iGEM project, I am working on (One of the SDGs), and from home, I am working on (your respective SDG)”.

Send your photos and captions to this email (rana_salah AT aucegypt DOT edu) and if you would like to have your photos posted on our social media platforms, highlight that in your email, send us your facebook/Instagram pages’ links to tag you and feel free to post them using #iGEM_AUC_EGYPT and #iGEMxSDGs. Can’t wait to see what you send us, CHANGEMAKERS.

39. EnviroSpeaks

Description: Our team is aware of how important it is to target contamination around us with Synthetic Biology. This is why we want to hear more about the different environmental challenges that your areas are facing today. Help us create conscience by designing a poster, presentation, short video, brochure, drawing, collage, or any other creative method that communicates which contaminants are present in your locations and how they have been affecting your biodiversity. Email us your creations and don’t be afraid to share them on social media! Remember to tag us (@igemrum) and please use #envirospeaks #igemrum #igemawareness

38. New ways of single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) detection collaboration
Working Group

Description:Hello, fellow iGEMers! Team Moscow-Russia is in touch and we have a collaboration offer for you! The idea of our project is to detect monogenic recessive diseases such as cystic fibrosis, phenylketonuria, galactosemia and sensorineural hearing loss using qPCR genotyping. However, there are other ways to detect SNPs of our interest and you may help us with this task!
If your team works with any other methods of SNPs’ detection or even created your own technique - let us know! From us: all the data needed, primers’ sequences + we can also send you some samples (if necessary)
From you: SNPs’ detection by your method, results information + we can also analyse some of your samples using qPCR

Don’t hesitate to contact us via email: igem.rsmu[AT]gmail[DOT]com

34. Art exhibition

Description: We, iGEM Nantes, are planning an Art Exhibition that will take place in the city of Nantes, France in our University (and around the city).
We want to promote the iGEM competition and synthetic biology to other students and people who are not necessarily in the scientific field. Thanks to this exhibition we will be able to present many iGEM projects from all around the world as well as some art pieces made by different teams.
We would like your art to represent the valorisation of green algae, or another environmental issue/impact.
If you are interested in participating you can send us an email and we will give you more information. The deadline is fixed to mid September.
We can't wait to see your work!

36. Looking for a collaboration team!
Working Group

Description: Hello IGEMers! We’re team Worldshaper Nanjing, and our project is on modifying Yarrowia Lipolytica (a yeast) to break down starch in stale crops, and produce diesel as an environmental bio-fuel.


  • sharing project design ideas
  • sharing expert opinion on bio-fuel or yeast modification
  • exchange advice on improvement of each others’ project

PLEASE feel free to reach out to us with any information you may have, and if you are interested in joining our collaboration, please contact us via email, worldshapernanjing [AT] gmail [DOT] com We’d love to hear from you!

35. Research collaboration opportunity with team HKU!
Working Group

Description: We already have two very good collaboration partner that we are working very closely with, the City University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. And we are looking for other research partners if you are interested.

We are looking for teams that has any of the below elements in their research project.

  • High metabolic burdened gene circuit that can be separated into 2 cells
  • Incompatible pathways that need to be be expressed into a single culture
  • Phenotypical ratio-metric control (>1 phenotype)
  • Protein product ratio-metric control (>1 product)
  • Growth rate difference in mixed culture with single strain
  • Multiple spatio/temporal condition and functionality in a single strain (conditional control)
  • Metabolic burden research
  • Cell lysis circuit (or genetic loss of function analysis)
  • Industrial scale/ point of care style production of gene product

All bacterial/ yeast/ mammalian cell line is applicable to the above.

Our gene circuit is built for an auto-regulation of ratiomatric control of protein expression/ single cell phenotype variety control in a single cell line derived mixed culture, via a non-metabolic burdening based gene regulation.

It is a win-win collaboration and we will also provide you with some RBS/ promoter/ gene copy number or gene circuit design suggestions. And moreover, we could share all about our projects to each other and give advices/ suggestions and we will work on some common part project of collaboration together in wet lab. It is a very good learning process!

Don’t be shy and please shoot us a email or message us via instagram igem_hku!

34. Boston Photoshop Challenge

Description: Are you still salty about missing out on Boston? Well, we are. Good news: we know how to alleviate the pain! Join us in our Boston Photoshop Challenge and visit Boston through a photograph (we cannot make it better than this)!
The setup is quite simple, we ask from you:

  • Team name
  • Image with your team photoshopped in
    • Horizontal
    • Aspect ratio of 4:3
    • Maximum width of 1500px, minimum width of 720px.
    • Maximum size of 500kB
    • .jpg format
    • E.g. an image of 1200px(width) by 900px(height) called ExampleTeam.jpg with a size of 365kB
  • Coordinates
  • What the place/location is called
  • Short descriptive story
    • Where are we?
    • Why there?
    • Maximum of 90 words.

As you can see (attachment), we have been in the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, where the Giant Jamboree would take place normally.

We will create a map of Boston on our Wiki page, where we will feature all the teams participating in our challenge. This way, the true iGEM experience of visiting Boston with a lot of teams will live on. We will notify you when the Boston Photoshop Challenge map is up on our Wiki and when your team has been added to the Boston Photoshop Challenge map on our Wiki.

In the spreadsheet below, you can fill in your location to avoid having multiple teams on the same location: (Please do not edit info from the other teams)

Are you interested? Send an email to! We are looking forward to your submission. Good luck!

33. Wiki Page Review, advice, and suggestions
Working Group

Description: Building an effective and awesome wiki page is a huge part of the iGEM competition. It is always helpful to have other people view your wiki and provide feedback before the wiki freeze! Please fill out this form if you want to collaborate:

32. i-MASK

Description: Dear iGEMers, In the pandemic situation we know masks are going to be with us for a long time. So in order to spread awareness we are going to invite all of you in a fun MASK DESIGNING collaboration. The theme we chose is ‘tv shows and movies’ cause those are what kept us sane through continuous quarantine.
To participate:

  1. Grab paint and sketch pens whatever you prefer and design masks. Remember the theme again, whatever movie or tv shows you have been watching! We are really eager to know.
  2. Make a instagram reel video with the process of painting and tag us @igem.iiserbpr
  3. Also send us portrait size picture of igemers wearing the designed mask via mail .
  4. Tag other teams in your posts too and help us communicate and spread more awareness.
31. I've gotta PhD
Social Media

Description: Hello, iGEMers! We're team CSMU_Taiwan and NCKU_Tainan and we’re working on the SDGs Good Health and Well-being and Quality Education. We've created a Facebook Fan Page "I've gotta PhD", which we hope to gather a variety of works done by iGEM teams from all over the world on this platform! We eagerly invite you to join us and collaborate with us! We have listed out several topics and guidelines, which you can choose to create your fabulous work. Guidelines are illustrated in a more detailed way on our Facebook Fan Page. We strongly recommend you to read them, for guidelines will help you to finish your work more smoothly. Don’t forget to check out our fan page!
Topics related to Public Health:

  1. Science communication
  2. Basic health care
  3. Mental health
  4. Break discrimination and racism
  5. Research
  6. International health care organization
  7. Policies

To join us:

  1. Choose a topic and brainstorm your work following the guidelines. Feel free to contact us by Facebook Fan Page or email if you have questions about the guidelines or any concerns.
  2. Finish your work and email us.
  3. Receive our response and strike up further discussions with us.
  4. Your work will be presented on our Facebook Fan Page.

To contact us:
Our email → phdigem2020[AT] gmail [DOT] com
Our Facebook Fan Page → I've gotta PhD
Our Instagram → @igem_csmu @igemncku

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further question. We'll be of your further assistance as soon as possible.
Join us and let’s collaborate!

30. Global iGEM community equality, diversity and inclusion survey

Description: This year, our team is looking to perform a research survey of the global iGEM community to determine the extent of various inequalities that prevent iGEM from being a truly equal, diverse, and inclusive community. 
We are currently in the process of getting our survey reviewed by UCL's ethics board, so we will be releasing the survey at the global meetup. We kindly ask all members of the global iGEM community to fill out the survey, which should only take roughly 5 minutes. This includes team members, supervisors, iGEM alumni and judges. All responses are anonymous, and there are 'prefer not to say' options for questions so you are not obligated to divulge any information you would rather not share.
Measuring and creating awareness of different inequalities are the first steps in addressing these issues. Therefore this is something you are interested in, please consider completing the survey. Thanks in advance!

29. Computational Modeling
Working Group

Hello iGEMers!
We hope everyone is staying safe during these tough times! This year, the UT Austin iGEM team is using Pinetree, a stochastic gene expression simulator, to model an engineered T7 bacteriophage. Our ultimate goal is to use the T7 bacteriophage as a biosensor to detect E. coli in water supplies through an inserted reporter enzyme.

In the spirit of collaboration, we wanted to reach out to the iGEM community and see if any other teams
• have experience with computational models
• have experience or are currently working with bacteriophages
• Have experience with simulating phages.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any information you may have, and if you are interested in joining our collaboration, please contact us via email, utigem[AT]gmail[DOT]com.
Hoping to hear from you!

28. Bob Lelogy's Cell Adventure

Hello iGEMers, welcome to join in Bob Lelogy's cell adventure. Bob becomes an unordinary boy since he has begun his journey: he goes into a cell and witnesses how cell works along with our tour guide "RiboSam". There are many things waiting for him to uncover. Do you want to join him to make an adventure?
We are team KEYSTONE from Beijing, China. This year we want to design a play named "Bob Lelogy's cell adventure". Students unfamiliar with biology would act as Bob to begin the adventure. They will learn basic biological knowledge in a humurious and relaxed way. Also we have some choice questions to let them have a stronger sence of experience.
We have already recuited 6 teams and set up basic logic modules: 1)molecular biology 2)gene engineering 3)systhetic biology. We have finished the first part of the play(attached file) to show as an example.
We have worked out the image of our characters (attached file) .
We provide an optional choice. You can also write a side story related to your project this year for Bob.
Come and join our big collabration! We really hope to hear from you!

27. Fill out a survey

Description: Hello everyone! We are iGEM NCKU Tainan 2020, and our survey is out! Please kindly fill out this form, and share it with your family and friends!
This survey is an essential part of our project, and we appreciate your time on this. We would love to hear more from you. So, don't ever hesitate to contact us for any feedback or questions! Your input will greatly improve our project. Thank you!

26.Before and After iGEM
Social Media

Hello iGEMers,
We started a challenge that shows how we changed after joining the iGEM team in Estonia and how this project affected us. We believe that each iGEM journey is exceptional and can completely change a person. The main point of this challenge is to be an example for others and engage them with iGEM.


  1. Make a short video with iGEMers, where everyone compares how he/she spent their free time before iGEM and during/after iGEM in a short video. This video should depict your skills, improvments and working processes after joining the iGEM project.
  2. Post the video on Instagram and tag us: AT igemestonia
  3. Tag other teams in your post and have fun!
25. Lab Slang
Social Media


Every lab is like a huge family restaurant with its own inside jokes and well-established teamwork. Some members or equipment even have nicknames, that become easier to call, than their real names. Our team decided to gather a vocabulary that we use in our lab, which to our surprise mostly consisted of slang.
We think every lab or lab group has this sort of inside slang or even translations to their language they use every day.

How different these slang words can be? Maybe as much as languages are different from each other. So, let's share these slang words and see how weird they would sound to people of other nationalities and what kind of weird look we would get when we have to collaborate in the lab and accidentally slip these slang words to each other out of habit.


  1. Go to our Instagram page and take a look at our set of words to see an example.
  2. Tell your lab mates about it and gather your own slang vocabulary
  3. Post on Instagram on your team's page and tag @igemestonia so that we can see them as well.
  4. Tag other teams to see their slang words and compare your own to theirs.

Have fun and stay connected!

24. Synbio: infinite possibilities


We are the iGEM team representing the Delft University of Technology. One of our goals this year is to educate people about synthetic biology and all the possibilities synbio has to offer.

We want to make an informative video wherein as many iGEM teams as possible state their project idea to show what we as iGEMmers can achieve! We will make a compilation of all videos and share it with everyone.

For this we need you! Could you send us a short video, around 5-10 seconds, wherein you say the problem you are solving and the way you are doing this.


  • Clearly state your problem and solution (see attached video) in English
  • Video should be 5-10 seconds long
  • Film in landscape
  • Make sure sound is clear

Please send us your video before 14th of August.

If you have any question do not hesitate to email us!

Hope to hear from you soon!

23. We Challenge You to Recycle!


Hello, iGEMers!

We are team KSA-KOREA from South Korea. This year, we will be working on producing better quality recycled paper. The first step to creating better quality recycled paper is for all of us to recycle paper properly. So we are pleased to invite you to 2020 iGEM paper recycling challenge!

Step 1. Participate in our survey:

Step 2. Watch this short clip about recycling:

Step 3. Send us a short clip of you recycling paper!

Keep in mind that your clip will be publicly published online. On a side note, please film your video in landscape mode, not portrait mode.

Please send the video link to your video through ksakoreaigem [AT] gmail [DOT] com!

22. iGEM Quarantine Instagram Project
Social Media


Hello, fellow iGEMers!

Hello! We are a high school team Korea_HS joining IGEM 2020 from South Korea. This year we are launching a quarantine themed Instagram project. The objective of this project is to create a sense of community even through the pandemic and make it easier for teams to reach out to each other. The steps to participate are easy, just follow the three simple steps.

  1. Take a photo of your team (It can be anything: quarantine themed, funny photo, etc.)
  2. Write a short (4-6 sentence) description including:
    - Team name
    - Brief introduction about your team
    - 1-3 sentence description of the experiment
    - Contact information (email, Instagram, or anything)
  3. Send the photo and short description here:
    Email: igem.koreahs [AT] gmail [DOT] com

The photo and short description will be edited (like the example) and posted on our Instagram page @koreahs2020. Each team will be categorized by their region for easy communication with the other team by color. It is not consuming and a great way to reach out to other teams! We hope to hear back from you soon and stay safe! 🙌

21. Guess the Synbio
Social Media


Hello, fellow iGEMers!

Our team Estonia_TUIT is offering you this brand new collaboration using an Instagram filter. We designed a small game consisting of several rebuses, which are presented in random pictures or icons. Your main task is to correctly guess objects shown on the screen and then, according to these words combine the main word associated with biology and lab and solve the rebus. Remember, that you only have 8 seconds to guess yourself. After the time is up, the correct answer will be shown on the screen. So, prepare and start filming whenever you feel ready!

"How can I find this cool game?"

  • First, go to our page @igemestonia
  • Once you're there, swipe to the left to see filters designed by us
  • Choose the filter "Guess the Synbio"
  • Save the filter and feel free to film your attempt
  • Don't forget to tag our team @igemestonia
  • Let's see who sets the record!

20. iGEM Explore
Social Media

Hi teams,
We from the team UUlm would like to start a collaboration in order to connect different iGEM teams and help promote each other.
If you check out our Instagram (igem_uulm), you can see that we are doing a series called iGEM Explained where we briefly explain a topic related to our project. Our goal is to start a similar series only with your projects. Every team who wants to participate would have to upload a short video or presentation about their project to a shared space. That way everybody would have access to other teams information and can post those ideas on social media. In turn your own team would be promoted.
The presentation should be around 5 slides long (no longer than 10) and the video should not be more than 5 minutes. The content should be suited for the general public and social media.
If you are interested in joining our collaboration, please contact us until Sunday (July 12th) via email or social media!
Hoping to hear from you!

19. Delivering a Course on Ocean Ecosystems and Climate Change
Working Group

We are recruiting iGEM teams to collaborate on a class to educate groups of middle school students about ocean environment and marine biology, phytoplankton, climate change in the ocean, the impact of climate change on phytoplankton, and what individuals can do to help. Teams who contact us by July 15th can help with designing the class. For those contacting us after July 15th, we will provide teaching materials and training sessions so that your team is able to deliver the class. We will work with your team to recruit students in your area to whom you will present the class. The class will be delivered via Zoom seminar. We intend for the session to begin with a diagnostic quiz to gauge the level of understanding of attendees. At the end of the session, a review quiz will be issued to measure the progress made. The end of the review quiz will include a feedback survey to evaluate the instructors’ performance and the class itself.
Analysis of the quizzes and surveys will be done as a collaborative effort between our team and yours so that both teams will have data to present at the Jamboree. The class is designed for a middle school audience (grades 6-8 / ages 10-15) but could be adapted for other age groups. Lectures consist of five units and are interspersed with interactive games and lab demonstrations. Please feel free to email us with any questions. We look forward to working with your team!

18. Aquaponics Recipes Needed
Working Group

Description: Hello fellow iGEM teams,

Our project this year revolves around aquaponics which is any system that intertwines aquaculture (growing aquatic animals) and hydroponics (growing of plants in water). These systems, hydroponics specifically, grow a variety of vegetables and fruits. We are asking that teams create some type of recipe that stars one of the foods grown in an aquaponics system. The list of vegetables/fruits and specific instructions are mentioned below!

Instructions: When completing the collaborations, please include the following information in your email:

  • Recipe Name
  • Team Name
  • high quality picture of the finished dish
  • picture of your team logo

List of Vegetables/Fruits: Lettuce, Kale, Microgreens, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Squash, Cucumbers, Swiss Chard, Pak Choi. Beans, Peas, Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Celery, Basil, Cilantro, Mint.

If you have any questions about this collaboration or want to submit your recipe, please email us at igem.lamb [AT] gmail [DOT] com

17. Treasure hunt
Social Media

Description: Hi fellow iGEMers!
We are the iGEM team of Maastricht University and we are pleased to tell you that we are hosting a small treasure hunt next week and everyone is invited to join.
The HR of our team has composed 5 Quests, which will be uploaded daily in our Instagram story from Monday 22nd till Friday 26th and can later be found in our highlights. Alternatively, you can also send us an email and we will send you all 5 Quests in one email. Each Quest has a different theme ad if solved, the remaining letters form a word. The words will have something in common, which is the password to our competition. Complete as many Quests as necessary to get the final word. And YES of course , there is a big price! There are two amazing prices to win: A guaranteed spot in the scientific journal we are working on, and a YouTube video collaboration. The deadline for sending the password back to us via Email is Friday the 26th, 00:00CET. We will then announce the winners before Saturday the 27th 00:00CET.
If you would like to participate send us an email and we will send you all 5 Quests via email or follow us on Instagram (msp_igem) and view the Quests daily in our Story or later in the Highlights! Contact information : msp-igem[AT]maastrichtuniversity[DOT]nl

16. Journal initiative
Working Group

Has your team already imagined its work being published as a peer-reviewed paper? Here is your chance to see it happen!
We, the IGEM team Maastricht, have decided to collect research papers of all iGEM teams willing to participate. Our goal is to create a Proceedings Journal compiling all the projects of the 2020 iGEM competition. This journal will work exactly like a regular scientific journal, including peer review. This will be a great opportunity for you to train your academic writing and actually publish your work!

We will not only create an online Journal, but also a printed version, in which the best papers (rated by you) will be published so you will have a nice souvenir of this year’s competition. All articles will be peer-reviewed by other teams that send in an article. Therefore, you will not only be the author of a peer-reviewed article, but you will be a peer reviewer as well.

If you would like to participate please send an abstract (about 100-300 words) to us by email until the 15th of July (You don’t need to have any results yet, just an abstract on what you are planning). Next to your original research paper, you can also send an abstract for a review article for example about the history of iGEM or the best iGEM projects of the past. You can also participate in an interview about your iGEM experience. There are plenty of creative ways to collaborate and publish your work!

The full articles can be submitted between the 15th of July and the 30th of August on our website. In September we will peer review each other’s articles before the journals get printed at the end of October and you can order them.

More information can be found on our website: If you are interested to participate or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

15. Offering Help with Arduino
Working Group

Description: Dear iGEMers!

Team UteRus from University of Rochester is offering help with Arduino!

What are our competencies in Arduino?

  • Virtual circuit design
  • Coding Arduino C++
  • Troubleshooting
  • Building Arduino circuits

For more information, please contact us at uofr.igem [AT] gmail [DOT] com

14. Accessibility through Language and Art | [通过语言和艺术实现无障碍沟通] | [Barrierefreiheit durch Sprachen und Künste] | [Accessibilité en utilisant la langue et l'art]

Description: Hi fellow iGEMers! We have been asking ourselves, how can we make science accessible to all? One approach we are taking is to excite the public about synthetic biology by showing them how it can be applied in so many unique ways to address everyday problems. To do so, we encourage you to participate in sending us your promotional video and helping us translate it into as many languages as possible. This will also allow your team to connect with other iGEM teams, and reach a wider audience with your project! Furthermore, science can be accessible to all, through our Science as Art (SAA) initiative (check out #8) due to the fact that art can be viewed as a universal language. We can use art to interpret science and share it with the rest of the world in a creative universal way.

How it works: Email us if you are interested and we will give you access to a shared google drive or Baidu pan so you can upload your team’s promotional video. We will then add your video to our youtube playlist and help you coordinate translating!

13. High School Collaboration
Working Group

Description:Hello High School iGEM teams,

During this pandemic, we understand that many of us don’t have access to our labs and the necessary resources needed to pursue our goals. By hosting a high school collaboration, we can foster a synergetic community and address some of these common issues. This collaboration is focused on helping teams with troubleshooting, feedback, improving dry-lab skills, and helping each other prepare for the upcoming Jamboree. We would love for all high school teams to be a part of this collaboration and are excited to learn about everyone’s project.

If you are interested or have any questions about this collaboration, feel free to email us at igem.lamb [AT] gmail [DOT] com.

12. Chit chat on Monday 8th of June - Let’s talk about our Microbiome!
Working Group

Description:Hello iGEMers!! 

Our team is working on the skin microbiome! We would like to know if the isolation during the COVID-19 lockdown influences our skin microbiome. To answer this question we would like to get samples from many people all around the world. To achieve this we thought that maybe you, other iGEMers, would collaborate on this by sharing your microbiome with us.

We would like to organise a discussion around (virtual) coffee to meet you! We will also discuss with you about our project and present you more in detail what kind of collaboration we’d like to propose. 

If you’re curious about our project, join us with a cup of coffee! 

Zoom room, June 8, 3:00PM CET

Can’t wait to meet you!
The QuaranSkin Team

11. The Sound of iGEM
Social Media

Description:"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” - Plato
The idea is to create a Spotify Playlist of the songs that different teams listen to all across the world!

To participate:
1. Create a Spotify account with the name iGEM_ [Ex. iGEM_IISER_Bhopal] (So that people know which song has been added by which team).
2. Find the Collaborative Playlist here:
3. Add up to 5 songs per team. (We know it's a bummer but for now!)
Enjoy listening to team favorites from the compilation!

10. #introGEM
Social Media

Description:Hello fellow iGEMers,
In the current COVID19 situation, many daily routines have changed and our experience with iGEM is no exception. Social media has become an important tool for connection, and the iGEM team at Stony Brook would like to start an Instagram challenge to introduce and connect iGEM teams from all around the world! We want YOU to participate in the #introGEM challenge. Below is a description of the themes for each week in the month of June, as well as examples in what you can include in your post.

Week 1: Project Introduction
This can include a team picture, a short project summary, specialization or track of what the team is currently working on, end goal, possibly project leader interview. We are doing a TIKTOK to introduce our team (#passitonchallenge)

Week 2: Workspace Week
• How lab has changed (if it has)
• Show a picture of your workspace
•If you are working in a lab, post a picture of that!

Week 3: Throwback Thursday
Share pictures of fun times on campus!

Week 4: Summer Fun
Show what else you are doing this summer! Are you cooking something delicious up? Are you taking any other fun (online) classes? How do you guys stay active? We want to know!

How it works:
Each week there is a new theme! Post your pictures on Instagram using #introGEM
Tag @igem.stonybrook so we know you participated!
Tag 3 other iGEM teams you would like to see do the challenge!

We can’t wait to kick off this challenge with you!

9. Yeast in Space
Working Group

Description:Hello fellow iGEM participants! Seeking collaborations!Currently, in the field of microgravity research, there is a lack of two things: a complete database of genes affected by microgravity, and a control strain. Concordia’s 2020 iGEM team plans on investigating these issues.Our goal is to design the aforementioned database, and then use that data to make a yeast control strain that is resistant to the effects of microgravity. Both of these tools would be very valuable in the future of microgravity research.We are interested in collaborating with another iGEM team that is also working on a project related to space or some other aspect of our project. If your team would like to establish a collaboration with us, let us know!

8. Science As Art (SAA)

Description: Hello fellow iGemers of 2020! Sometimes, words aren’t sufficient to embody what we are feeling. Thus, our collaboration project revolves around the question: What if you didn’t have to use words? But rather use your hands to create something beautiful and share it with the rest of the iGEM community and more. Art is limitless, just like science they both require a certain level of creativity in order to come up with the unthinkable. Set your imagination free and create your own interpretation of Science As Art (SAA).

Send us an Art interpretation of your iGEM project along with a small description of what your awesome team is working on.

Remember the only limit to imagination is the barriers you decide to create for yourself. Our iGEM team is also working with Endometriosis so if you would like to collaborate on that as well reach out so us. Don’t be shy!

7. Biosensor Working Group
Working Group

Description: Hello fellow iGEM 2020 participants and fans! Despite this years global health challenges work must still go on! Despite not being in the lab (yet!) Queen's University in Canada has been starting work on a protein based biosensor to monitor patients with Chronic Kidney Disease!

Many patients with Chronic Kidney Disease need certain serum ion concentrations collected to determine their disease state. While blood can be collected every so often, clinicians and patients need biosensors like ours to determine ion concentrations more regularly in order to improve their care. More data = better care!

We are really interested to hear about other teams working on diagnostic biosensors! Perhaps if you are interested you can join our biosensor working group. This would be great for knowledge sharing and making our dreamed biosensors a reality! We'll be sure to setup a series of calls to go over our projects and help one another improve. If you're interested in fluorescent proteins, protein immobilization, or ion detection this would also be a great group for your team to join.

Go ahead and fill out this form to register: Microsoft Forms

We can't wait to meet you (online)!

6. Please take a survey

Description: We are working on a project to help fight COVID-19 and other pandemics to come. Our goal is to create a product that will help lower the odds of getting infected by the virus while using it. You can help us by taking our anonymous survey and share it with your family and friends. The survey:

5. Wanna be a part of a WORLDWIDE iGEM Collabo with teams over the world?
Working Group

Description: Hey iGEMers,

Team Aachen and Team Darmstadt are starting a worldwide collabo, where you all can take part in!

In order to connect with other teams, we want to create a video to spread our message. The video consists of many small videos, which you can send us to cut into one big one.

Our idea is to use a paper plane as a connecting theme throughout the video, so you basically "catch" the paper plane from another team, do something small in your video (for example flicking and changing into your lab coat) and then "throw" it to the next team.

Any technical details on how your video should be filmed, we will tell you after you messaged us.

We want to make it as big as possible, so if you have any interest in collabing with our teams, feel free to message us via email or instagram accounts ( @igem.aachen or @igem_darmstadt ).

Deadline for your reply is Friday (May 15th).

4. Filling a Survey

Description: Hello, fellow iGEMers!
We are the Ben-Gurion University (BGU) team from Israel, and this year we chose to focus our work on wet wipes and their immense damage to the environment.

Wet wipes are considered among the most polluting substances to the environment. For each wet wipe, it takes between a few months to 500 years to break down, depending on the material it is made of. On top of that, disposal of tons of wet wipes through the toilets and their accumulation in the sewer systems cause extensive economic and environmental damages: from pipes' blockages to sewage overflows and damage to the general sewer system, water aquifers and treatment facilities.

In many cases, the public is not aware of the fact that wipes should not be flushed down the toilet. In fact, even the "flushable" or disposable wipes are not truly flushable – this term only describes the standard size of the wet wipe in order to go down the toilet, but it does not mean it breaks down. This problem is even more urgent than ever, now that use of disinfectant wipes is spiking due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We read reports about clogged municipal wastewater systems and costly repairs from all over the world.

As part of our human practice efforts we want to raise awareness of the problem, and we understand that the education of the public is very much needed. One of our first steps is a survey we published in Israel – regarding the wet wipes' problem. Since we know it is a global issue, we would like to expend the survey to other countries.

You can help us by filling the survey available at the link below. If you can, please send it to your family and friends as well.

Do feel free to contact us and share your views, ideas, and experiences about the wet wipes' problem. Our E-mail address: igemwipeout [AT] gmail [DOT] com

3. The Sugar Rush Challenge
Social Media

Description: This is a unique year at IGEM. iGEM has always been about engaging with the public. And In the current COVID19 situation this is more necessary than ever. While most of us are in quarantine sitting at home fighting off the boredom and waiting for this pandemic to come to an end. Its time to unleash our creativity. To that end, the IGEM IISERB team has come up with a way to make your quarantine fun and engaging. All the teams its time to put on your chef's hats. Cuz we are here with the Sugar Rush Challenge. The rules are simple.

Step 1: Whip up an awesome looking (and hopefully tasty) dessert/ bakery item/sweet dish that you like. Preferably use the things you have at home and keep it sweet and simple!

Step 2: Post the photos on Instagram and tag us @ igem_iiserb and tag atleast 3 other teams to keep this challenge going.

Have fun and Lets spread the sugar love!😋😊

Social Media

Description: We are currently facing a global crisis due to COVID 19 / Corona Virus. As a result, large parts of the world are in lockdown, causing fear, panic and anxiety amongst the people. While thousands of people are sharing advice and tips on how to fight this enemy, we of iGEM KU Leuven have decided to take a different approach. Instead of reaching out to the public about how to prevent, avoid or survive this crisis, we would like to share short videos with supporting messages in various languages on social media.

We will organize this event like the “ALS Ice Bucket challenge”; our team will share a video of encouragement in multiple languages, and tag another iGEM team to share a video in the same or a different language (Instagram/Facebook story or post etc.). We want to tap into the International Diversity of the iGEM community. With the team members sharing these videos on their personal social media profiles, we can reach out to all corners of the globe.

Our team will share a few short videos (in Dutch, French, English, Gaelic, Bengali, Kannada and Hindi) on our Instagram and Facebook pages, and tag other iGEM teams to do the same. We hope that you would repeat this and tag other iGEM teams. With the entire iGEM community at our side, we hope to reach out to citizens across the world and spread a bit of hope and positivity.

We would like to kick off this process as soon as possible. We are looking forward to your contributions.

With hope, love and regards
iGEM Team KU Leuven 2020

1. Postcard project

Description: Hello iGEM Teams,

As we all know, iGEM is not only about our projects, but also about engaging the public with synthetic biology. In order to do so, the previous iGEM teams of the Heinrich-Heine-University Duesseldorf created a project to promote synthetic biology in public by using self-designed postcards. Each year the amount of participating iGEM teams has grown, with a big pool of beautiful and funny postcards as a result. We would like to continue this community effort one more time and ask YOU to be a part of this collaboration.

How does it work? Every participating team designs a postcard which shows an image related to synthetic biology (or your topic) on the front and a small informational text on the back. Afterwards each team sends a package with their postcards to us, they are exchanged with the postcards from other teams, and the package is sent back. Printing your postcards in Germany might also be an option. Depending on your location it can be faster and cheaper compared to shipping. In the end, every participating iGEM-team is going to have collected postcards from all over the world. The received postcards can then be shared with people in the neighborhood, during public events, at the Giant Jamboree etc.

If you want to check out the previously designed postcards for inspiration, visit the wiki of Duesseldorf 2016, the wiki of Duesseldorf-Cologne 2017 or the wiki of Dueseldorf 2018 or even the wiki of Duesseldorf 2019.

How to design your postcards:
Standard postcard format (A6; 14,8cm x 10,5cm) Image related to your project or synthetic biology on the front Small informational text on the back If you are interested in joining us, please let us know until the first of June, so we can figure out how many postcards each team should print and send. Please don't forget to include your address! Important: This is not the deadline for sending and designing the postcard!

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Much love,
iGEM Team Duesseldorf 2020