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Whether our customers are competing in iGEM, accelerating life science research, solving complex analytical challenges, or increasing productivity in their laboratories, Thermo Fisher Scientific is ready to support them.

This year, we are offering all iGEM teams access to our do-it-yourself DNA building solutions. Get your complete cloning workflow (Invitrogen GeneArt Gibson Assembly technology, Invitrogen GeneArt Strings DNA Fragments, and competent cells) for a fraction of the retail cost.

Special promotion for iGEM teams

We’re offering teams the opportunity to save up to 35% when purchasing GeneArt Strings DNA Fragments with GeneArt Gibson Assembly HiFi and EX Cloning Kits. You’ll get a complete set of building tools for a fraction of the retail cost. [NOTE: You’ll need a Thermo Fisher Scientific account if you don’t already have one first.]

Custom capabilities to engineer discovery

GeneArt Gene Synthesis, clones, and advanced gene optimization
Invitrogen GeneArt Gene Synthesis Services offer ease, flexibility, and reliability for your daily DNA work. GeneArt Gene Synthesis tools go beyond traditional gene synthesis by enabling expression optimization with powerful algorithms for maximum performance. The choice to use your own vector for us to clone your gene and express that cloning directly into your favorite expression vectors gives you complete control.

DNA libraries and directed evolution services
Directed evolution is a powerful method used to create biomolecules for basic research, medical science, and industrial production. Invitrogen GeneArt Directed Evolution for protein engineering overcomes many of the limitations of conventional construction techniques for gene variant libraries. De novo gene synthesis enables construction of virtually any gene variation so that your library encodes maximum variability.

Complete workflow, from sequence to purified protein
Starting with only a nucleotide sequence, Invitrogen GeneArt Gene-to-Protein Services can take care of your complete workflow. These services leverage highly advanced Gibco transient expression systems and, coupled with gene optimization, provide a complete solution to protein production and purification. The combination of optimized genes with our advanced expression systems usually leads to higher protein yields than are achievable with other expression systems and wild-type genes.

Suite of genome editing tools
Our collection of optimized, validated technology systems is designed to work together to eliminate the trial-and-error phase and help you get answers faster and with less effort. Every lab is unique, so we offer a range of genome editing solutions to cater to your needs.


Thermo Fisher Scientific is a Partner Sponsor of the 2020 iGEM Competition

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