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November 17-20, 2020


The weekdays will focus on the synthetic biology community, including iGEM Teams, Startups, Alumni, Ambassadors, and Sponsors. Everyone in our community is invited to host and attend workshops, meetups, and other fun activities. iGEMers, alumni, entrepreneurs, synbio enthusiasts, there's something for everyone. See where the future of synbio is going: Get your free event pass for this landmark event!

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iGEM Foundation | After iGEM | iGEM Ambassadors | iGEM Diversity & Inclusion Committee | iGEM EPIC (Entrepreneurship Program & Innovation Community) | iGEM Human Practices Committee | iGEM Measurement Committee | iGEM Safety & Security Committee | iGEM SDG Working Group | After iGEM Academia Committee | After iGEM Communications Committee | After iGEM Education Committee | After iGEM Industry Committee | After iGEM High School Committee | After iGEM Policy Committee | After iGEM SynBio SciFi Group | IISER_Berhampur | UPF_Barcelona | Benchling | CCiC (Conference of China iGEMer Committee) | Doughnut Economics Action Lab | EUSynbioS | GASB (German Association for Synthetic Biology) | FBI | GenScript | Ginkgo Bioworks | Global Bioeconomy Summit | Hello Tomorrow | Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) | Just One Giant Lab (JOGL) | New England Biolabs (NEB) | Promega | SnapGene | Geneious

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November 14-16


November 17-20


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